marți, 24 decembrie 2013

Icicles Blouse- Ideal for the Holidays

Hi yall


Here is a cute project I've been looking for for a very long time. I am a sucker for icicles and swirl patterns and this particular pullover caught my eye a while ago but the pattern....was not to be basically as soon as I did is the post with it :)

I like the idea because it is airy enough to be worn at a party and in the same time warm enough for chilly winter nights. If you are a fan of elegant, cute and sexy but also posh looking this is the pattern for you.

I am tempted to make it out of something sparkly and I bet if the right measurements are applied you can transform the pattern into something more summery and even a tunic for spring.

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Happy Holidays to you all


marți, 10 decembrie 2013

Easy to Make Spectacular Crochet Winter Tunic

If you are like me, fond of tunics and their versatility you will surely love this post.
Leaving aside the fact that I lost over 2000 patterns and charts because of a faulty memory stick that failed me badly last week, I have to say I am a bit sad because I lack time to complete 3 different projects started out of need.

- 1 tunic ( I had nothing to wear for the office Christmas party)
- 1 knitted furry vest for my little one ( boucle mohair yarn...killer for the nerves...extremely difficult to knit)
 - 1 evening bolero ( Thank God I fit into a dress so I have something to wear at the Christmas party , but nothing to cover an open back sleeveless cocktail dress) can guess I am in a foul mood and the only thing calming my nerves is ...of course looking for exciting projects to replace the ones I lost.
This particular tunic I love simply because it combines amazingly easy 2 basic patterns and a thick yarn that will help you get it done extremely quickly. I have a special melange acrylic thick yarn put aside for this model and this post will be updated as soon as the tunic is done.

Meanwhile I hope a lot of you will try this and post the result whether here or on my Facebook page. If you are part of the Google plus communities feel free to share this post.

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Top section pattern worked in round ( measure according to the instructions)

Waist line "spider web" and down skirt also worked in round

credits for this find go to

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luni, 25 noiembrie 2013

Classy Winter Jacket - Crochet Pattern and Tips

In case you are tempted to try your hand o a classy looking crochet jacket, I have the best idea for you.
The beauty of this particular model is that it can be fitted easily with proper measurements, the chart is easy to convert to any size and the neat decorative trick make a whole lot of difference.

Basically you can play with colors and don't let your yarn supply go to waste.
If you a a bit of a yarn hoarder like me for sure you have rests of yarn similar in thickness lying around...So why throw them away when you can combine them, especially if they come in matching color nuances, to make an awesome looking jacket.

The original measurements of the model are for EU sizes 42-44. Keep in mind that the yarn for this particular model is thick to bulky and depending on the crochet hook used the original measurements for the size may differ.

I, personally, am tempted to add it a bit of spin and add a large flower made of sashay yarn I have left from my little one's ruffle skirt .

Notice the neat trick !!!! Pulling yarn in basic chain spokes in the chain one spaces makes the jacket look extremely smartly done , when in fact is just a simple artifice with a huge visual impact. :)

Measure yourself carefully. The decrease remains similar in the underarm and neck opening sections . The collar is not detailed but it consists in a a basic rectangle according to the size of the neck opening.

I hope you like this idea , I know I do :)
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vineri, 8 noiembrie 2013

Crochet Cute Cardi for Little Girls - Christmas Wear Ideas

Because I am a fan of cute little things to make for my daughter I am always looking for cute little dresses and cardigans she could wear in church or when visiting our friends.
I am especially fond of the shell motif and also especially into creating the type of dress my little one could wear over a top, or shirt.

Since people say it's gonna be along winter I am trying to decide on what items to make for her. This is why I am browsing and browsing the Russian sites and Picassa web albums where amazing women post amazing charts, patterns and tutorials so the ones like me could take on the task to make something cute for their little princesses.
 So back to the cardi...
I specially like about this particular design that it pretty much follows the pattern Anna Phelps teaches in her videos.
The yoke is a square or rectangle which allows easy counting and division of spokes. Also the shell pattern is extremely easy to follow and you can always use it to make a matching dress.
Personally I was very afraid of making sleeves...I was always stressed not to make the little garment uncomfortable. In the case of this cardi sleeves are just added in the open arm section and easily worked.

I hope you enjoy this post and make this little wonder for your little ones.

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duminică, 3 noiembrie 2013

Crochet Winter Coats - Charts and so Much More

Personally I am a fan of everything fashionable, although one could say I am into a sporty chic style as clothing goes.
This being said I must admit that my favorite thing about fall - winter 2013/2014 fashion is the fact that we must have a statement winter coat.

So what is a statement coat. Trends call for checkerboard patterns, splendid color blocking, amazing accessories and fabulous look. Altogether we can say that this is the crochet passionate haven.

There are so many coats out there that you can turn into a statement  winter coat but most definitely you can dare and wear s fabulous crochet patter just for the sake of being absolutely unique in a sea of retail clothing.

Are these coats difficult to make ?
Well...they are not easy since most of them are long and look better if they are lined so they will be a bit "stiffer" . However, you should not panic.

Here are my tips :

1. Look for a thick yarn, preferably wool or wool mixed with acrylic.
2. Be aware that size of the hook should one size smaller than the one recommended for the yarn size.
3. Follow the instructions and measure yourself as you complete the work.
4. Consider flowers, Irish lace decorations and furry embellishments to make the coat look unique.

The Chart and granny square motif for the wonderful coat above

Update upon request  28.06,2015 :

Because so many of you asked for a pattern here it is:

1. Except for the granny squares made out of melange yarn the coat is knitted. Below you can see the knitting pattern. The knitting is done from bottom upwards decreasing as shown in chart. Basic kniting will do too.

Very imporstant:

I made the large part of the coat using dc ( once ) and x stitch the second time. Also if you want you can choose several colors for the squares.

As you can see the coat can be completed with a hat made of 4 squares with a basic crochet shell border. The scarf is made with one row of joined square as long as you want with the same type of crocheted border ( 3 or 4 rows on each side)

2. The numbers you see in the below chart indicate the alternating colorr for the squares. You can choose shades of earth colors for a maroon main panels or cold colors such as blue , gray, purple for a grey coat. I  made it both ways and it looks awesome.

Square Chart:

1. Ch 5,sl st, turn
2. ch 2, 11 dc in the ring,sl st , turn
3.Ch3, 1ps,ch3 in each stitch, the last ch section ch1 1dc, sl st, turn.
4. Ch3,ch 5, 1 dc in the ch section, ch5,1ps( corner) ch 5, 1dc,ch5, 1dc,ch5 , 1 ps...repeat till  the ent sl st to join.

Make as many as required based on the chart display.
The square should be the measuring tool for the coat.
Measure how many sqoares you need for the border, for the bottom and for the waist.
It is pretty simple.

An Irish Lace beauty easier to make than it looks

Sleeves can be done separately.

Update 28.06.2015:

I  had a single attempt to work Irish lace and I admit it was pretty challenging.
However the secret is to make a pattern for the vest out of the lining you will use.
Use a styrofoam board to pin it and arrange the crocheted elements  pinning them on the lining so you will have an ideas where to pin them.

Here is a comprehensive Youtube video on the topic.

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marți, 15 octombrie 2013

Knitted Baby Faux Fur Jacket Tutorial and Instructions

OMG...Winter is sooo close...and summer so far...and me being an extremely cautious and I would like to think mommy, I thought why not make my little one a new faux fur coat.

Easier said than done, simply because crocheting a grass ( fur) yarn is extremely difficult not to mention annoying. I tried it of course but in spite of the fact that the tutorial I found on...a Russian site via a Romanian Crochet Community on Facebook, was done with the same type of yarn and a size 2 crochet hook....I went for knitting.

So here are a few hints from my experience:

  • it is a bit hard to see the loops
  • the yarn tends to tangle or slip from the hook ( especially polyester)
  • work progresses rather slow
  • in case you miss " a spot" you have to redo and undoing is torture( the yarn turns to knots and you have to cut it)
  • use any stitch
  • simply decrease and follow the tutorial the same way you would with a crochet hook
  • the sleeves must be done separately ans sewn after the vest is done.
  • the edging , collar and cuffs can be knitted or crocheted any pattern you like
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vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Office Worthy Cardigan - Crochet Photo Tutorial

Hello again fellow crochet passionate
Me and my obsession for photo tutorials...
I have a list so long ...of crochet patterns to try...that sometimes I think I will retire and never get to make them all.
Among all of the patterns and charts I saved for future use there are so many labeled with the name of my little one that I cannot decide which one to make first.
But...since fall is here and we feel the need to wear something lovely and delicate under a thicker layer of clothing , here is a lacy cardigan made of round motifs , extremely interestingly joined and surprisingly  easy to fit to any particular size.
Of course , this one ( tutorial) belongs to a Chinese lady , whose name I don't know ( and I am sorry because she surely deserves all the credit) . I hope if you guys manage to find who she is , you'll make sure you post a comment with her name so I can formally thank her because she is surely something else. :)
Why this cardi ? Well...I am sure ...a lot of you girls out there, found yourself in the need for something lacy , comfy and complimenting to wear in an office during winter.
Most offices are heated and if we need a fur ( faux) coat to get to the office , a lovely cardi worn over a top is perfect for the rest of the days indoors.
They say those that can't do , spite of the fact that I lack time and recently health to crochet like crazy , I must say that those that don't have time to crochet their dreams love to share them. I know this because I am one of them
so xoxo
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