duminică, 28 aprilie 2013

An Versatile Crochet Dress Pattern

I stumbled upon this dress on Facebook. It does not come with a pattern but it has such an amazing vintage touch that makes me wanna make it both out of cotton for this fall and out of silk thread for this summer.

Yes, you can make it shorter and wear it with jeans, leggings, jeggings or a silk maxi skirt.

The pattern is based on some kind of double crochet shell ( scallop) structure and the increase, as I see it is done by simply increasing the number of shells.
I may mistake on reading this pattern but any coments or help on this matter are very welcome.

Do you like it? Would you try to make it? Can any of you give me a hint how to start the gauge?

and I hope I gave you an idea of what to wear with this summer's trend of colorful tights.


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