vineri, 26 aprilie 2013

Why This Blog and My First Big Project - Baby Dress Free Pattern

This blog came to be out of my recent passion for crochet.
I am a new mom with a 6 months old beautiful baby girl and I became interested in crochet patterns when I was looking for a crochet baby dress for her.

I saw a lot of patterns, a lot of designs and who made them sold them at a too high price for my pocket.

Hence I became determined to make her a dress on my own and...I did :)

The tutorial by Anna Phelps on Youtube helped a lot

This is a pattern extremely easy to follow , Anna explains it amazingly easy to learn and surprise surprise !!! If I could learn to do it , you can learn to do it too :)
xoxo to all the new moms out there in love with the idea of crocheting a dress for their little gil.:)
Promise to post a picture of the dress once I am done.

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  1. Did you ever finish this and take pictures? Seriously love your blogs and your researching capabilities on the net. Long may you continue! You are awesome for doing this for us.