joi, 30 mai 2013

Crochet Summer Tank Top - A Lovely Inspiring Version

Me and my endless search for the best crochet summer tank top ...

I must say...long live because the multitude of ideas makes me love this site ( thank God for google translator ).
I have the highest respect for the women sharing the info and so I must give credit because they pretty much inspire me endlessly with more and more patterns and charts extremely easy to follow.

So for my today post I thought of sharing the idea that caught my eyes when looking for a tank top crochet design that could fit my new figure( larger bra size since I am still breastfeeding) and the future slender one( I dream off!!!) that I plan to have in 6-12 months. :)

The design is a very versatile one because the main pattern is a V stitch with Ch2 in between and building from there. What I like most is that the halter part is built with the help of lovely squares you can make individually and link extremely easy without additional chaining.

Please see below tha chart for back and front.

I hope you like my idea . Please share if you approve.




luni, 27 mai 2013

Free Chart for Summer Dress to Impress

This project started out as something I wanted to try inspired by Emy at and her video tutorial for a baby dress with fan shells pattern. To my luck I also found a Chinese pattern for a blouse of this kind and combining the two ideas it resulted an amazing looking result.

Obviously I was looking to make a dress for my teenage niece and I thought about simply increasing the number of stiches and go from there.
You can gues it took a few trials but finally here is the result.

Basically de top is tank top style made using double crochet stiches , V stitch and reversed V stitch ( google these stiches ...I did and found how to make them).
The bottom of the dress is basically made by increasing the fan part of the shells as seen below in the Chinese chart . Depending how wide you want it to be you can make more rows of one size and increase at every ten rows ( as I did).
The dress was made using a 3 ply ( medium) acrylic yarn (Coats) and with a 3 mm hook.

Since it looks so pretty I plan to make one in blue for myself ...maxi dress style since I don't have the type of legs this particular lenght requires. :)

marți, 21 mai 2013

Free Crochet Chart for Lacy Summer Jacket Floral Motif

Because I am a fan of Crochet Kingdom and of Emy Hassan ( brilliant, talented and all the way amazing woman who inspires me with her work) I am sharing an amazingly easy to make crochet floral motif summer jacket - bolero style.

Since I am pretty much fixating on patterns I could make for myself , my Bff and my sister this summer , this particular jacket pretty much fascinated me at the first glance.
I always wondered how to link the floral motifs into a top, coat or jacket and this pattern pretty much answers my questions.

There are two major flower motifs, both starting with ch 6 and building from there. The chart is extremely clear regarding the positioning of the both flower motifs.
To entice you even more the edgging makes the jacket look even prettier.
I plan to make it out of mercelized 3ply yarn cotton ( grape juice color with violet edge)

What color would you like to make it? Please let me know.


off the model

Floral motif 1

Floral motif 2

Chart settings of the floral motifs

To side the edging

below the sleeve chart

vineri, 17 mai 2013

Crochet Summer Lacey Poncho with Flowers Free Chart

Summer, oh...summer

I love tank tops and summer weather and since I am not fond of always carrying something thick like a cardigan with me I would rather have something light but warm enough for summer nights or cool areas of malls.  Looking for an item of this kind I could crochet out of some yarn I have left over I found this cute lacy poncho you can pretty much fit in your bag if folded gently.

The pattern is free and so easy to follow even for me and honestly I planned to make it in black with red flowers but looking at the lovely purple color I am sure I will end up making 2 of them one in black and one in purple.

I recommend acrylic yarn (medium) and 3.5 hook. This is what I am using for mine.
You can try cotton if you have but be very careful about the gauge( tension).
Enjoy and please share if you find it worthy of making.

Also... the pattern is in Spanish but it was originally posted in a Russian magzine ( model Anna Strekovaya). I figured that if I scanned the Spanish version, this blog will reach my dear Spanish speaking friends:) especially Michaela, Suan and Yolanda. xoxo, miss u girls :)


marți, 14 mai 2013

Angelical vs.Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress Free Pattern Chart

Hello Everyone:)

As a new mom I am more and more fascinated of how many option are out there for making baby dresses. Since I have very little time to spare I am trying to decide what model to make for my sweet angel next.
Doing so I stumbled upon 2 amazing dresses perfect for the summer which can be made out of cotton or baby acrylic yarn .

I figured why not share my dillema especially because there are so many mothers out there trying their best to learn how to crochet a little jewel of a dress for their little ones :)

I promise to post a pattern for boys too very soon so please mother of boys do not hate me for posting only for girls so far.

xoxo and let me know which one would you choose.

                                    Angelical Baby Dress Chart ( see the above picture)

Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress

Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress Chart

vineri, 10 mai 2013

Lovely Summer Crochet Top Pattern and Photo Tutorial

Looking for a pattern for a summer dress I can make out of very thin cotton with size 2 crochet hook I found this amazingly easy design and tutorial. It is not mine ( someday I will make these too) and I wanted to share it because I found it on the page of a woman I trully admire , Omaima Haissan.

It is very easy to fit to your size provided you measure the right way.

The top can easily be turn into a summer dress , even a maxi one because all you have to do is to increase and keep on adding the rows until you get the desired lenght.
I hope you like the idea.

xoxo and good luck

The Front

The Back

The yoke and straps made individually and attached ( see the first pic)

Done but...

You can add sleeves :) For a more romantic look

And some pearls to the edge of the sleeves in case you want it to be a clubbing outfit

Sleeve detail....lacy look so easy to achieve with simple chain clusters

Pattern detail

And the chart in Chinese but soo easy to follow,

miercuri, 8 mai 2013

Granny Square Fall Coat Photo Tutorial

This coat caught my eye simply because I was extremely fascinated by the amazing chance of mixing a lot of colors.
Since I am a fan of boho-chic and flower power trends I saw fit to post this project simply because you girls passioned about crochet like me would like to take a challenge and make this amazing coat.

God's willing when my little one will be older I will venture and make a Youtube tutorial for this.

xoxo to you all

In another color combination

some ideas for making the individual squares

the back with a large square to fit your size and the little ones attached using slip stitch

The sleeves, made with granny stich simple rows but alternating the same colors

I hope you like my post idea.
please feel free to share and post on google +