marți, 14 mai 2013

Angelical vs.Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress Free Pattern Chart

Hello Everyone:)

As a new mom I am more and more fascinated of how many option are out there for making baby dresses. Since I have very little time to spare I am trying to decide what model to make for my sweet angel next.
Doing so I stumbled upon 2 amazing dresses perfect for the summer which can be made out of cotton or baby acrylic yarn .

I figured why not share my dillema especially because there are so many mothers out there trying their best to learn how to crochet a little jewel of a dress for their little ones :)

I promise to post a pattern for boys too very soon so please mother of boys do not hate me for posting only for girls so far.

xoxo and let me know which one would you choose.

                                    Angelical Baby Dress Chart ( see the above picture)

Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress

Sweet Sailor Baby Girl Dress Chart

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