vineri, 17 mai 2013

Crochet Summer Lacey Poncho with Flowers Free Chart

Summer, oh...summer

I love tank tops and summer weather and since I am not fond of always carrying something thick like a cardigan with me I would rather have something light but warm enough for summer nights or cool areas of malls.  Looking for an item of this kind I could crochet out of some yarn I have left over I found this cute lacy poncho you can pretty much fit in your bag if folded gently.

The pattern is free and so easy to follow even for me and honestly I planned to make it in black with red flowers but looking at the lovely purple color I am sure I will end up making 2 of them one in black and one in purple.

I recommend acrylic yarn (medium) and 3.5 hook. This is what I am using for mine.
You can try cotton if you have but be very careful about the gauge( tension).
Enjoy and please share if you find it worthy of making.

Also... the pattern is in Spanish but it was originally posted in a Russian magzine ( model Anna Strekovaya). I figured that if I scanned the Spanish version, this blog will reach my dear Spanish speaking friends:) especially Michaela, Suan and Yolanda. xoxo, miss u girls :)


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  1. This looks like it is in english to me. It is very hard to read when you pull it up do you have the original link to this. It is beautiful and I would love to make it. thank you so much!!

  2. the pattern is not readable for me :(

  3. We're I can find the original link?