joi, 30 mai 2013

Crochet Summer Tank Top - A Lovely Inspiring Version

Me and my endless search for the best crochet summer tank top ...

I must say...long live because the multitude of ideas makes me love this site ( thank God for google translator ).
I have the highest respect for the women sharing the info and so I must give credit because they pretty much inspire me endlessly with more and more patterns and charts extremely easy to follow.

So for my today post I thought of sharing the idea that caught my eyes when looking for a tank top crochet design that could fit my new figure( larger bra size since I am still breastfeeding) and the future slender one( I dream off!!!) that I plan to have in 6-12 months. :)

The design is a very versatile one because the main pattern is a V stitch with Ch2 in between and building from there. What I like most is that the halter part is built with the help of lovely squares you can make individually and link extremely easy without additional chaining.

Please see below tha chart for back and front.

I hope you like my idea . Please share if you approve.




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