luni, 27 mai 2013

Free Chart for Summer Dress to Impress

This project started out as something I wanted to try inspired by Emy at and her video tutorial for a baby dress with fan shells pattern. To my luck I also found a Chinese pattern for a blouse of this kind and combining the two ideas it resulted an amazing looking result.

Obviously I was looking to make a dress for my teenage niece and I thought about simply increasing the number of stiches and go from there.
You can gues it took a few trials but finally here is the result.

Basically de top is tank top style made using double crochet stiches , V stitch and reversed V stitch ( google these stiches ...I did and found how to make them).
The bottom of the dress is basically made by increasing the fan part of the shells as seen below in the Chinese chart . Depending how wide you want it to be you can make more rows of one size and increase at every ten rows ( as I did).
The dress was made using a 3 ply ( medium) acrylic yarn (Coats) and with a 3 mm hook.

Since it looks so pretty I plan to make one in blue for myself ...maxi dress style since I don't have the type of legs this particular lenght requires. :)

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I've been trying to figure this dress out for EVER!! Can you please give me a little more info on how to make this because I can't see the chart and when I zoom in it gets blurry. I just want to know about how you increase shells. And maybe how many stitches you started with! I read you increased every 10 rows, but how many did you increase ? And how did you increase ? I'm an experienced crocheter but this one has me stumped :( I'd be so appreciative if you helped me. :)