marți, 21 mai 2013

Free Crochet Chart for Lacy Summer Jacket Floral Motif

Because I am a fan of Crochet Kingdom and of Emy Hassan ( brilliant, talented and all the way amazing woman who inspires me with her work) I am sharing an amazingly easy to make crochet floral motif summer jacket - bolero style.

Since I am pretty much fixating on patterns I could make for myself , my Bff and my sister this summer , this particular jacket pretty much fascinated me at the first glance.
I always wondered how to link the floral motifs into a top, coat or jacket and this pattern pretty much answers my questions.

There are two major flower motifs, both starting with ch 6 and building from there. The chart is extremely clear regarding the positioning of the both flower motifs.
To entice you even more the edgging makes the jacket look even prettier.
I plan to make it out of mercelized 3ply yarn cotton ( grape juice color with violet edge)

What color would you like to make it? Please let me know.


off the model

Floral motif 1

Floral motif 2

Chart settings of the floral motifs

To side the edging

below the sleeve chart

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