miercuri, 8 mai 2013

Granny Square Fall Coat Photo Tutorial

This coat caught my eye simply because I was extremely fascinated by the amazing chance of mixing a lot of colors.
Since I am a fan of boho-chic and flower power trends I saw fit to post this project simply because you girls passioned about crochet like me would like to take a challenge and make this amazing coat.

God's willing when my little one will be older I will venture and make a Youtube tutorial for this.

xoxo to you all

In another color combination

some ideas for making the individual squares

the back with a large square to fit your size and the little ones attached using slip stitch

The sleeves, made with granny stich simple rows but alternating the same colors

I hope you like my post idea.
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15 comentarii:

  1. Adorei a idéia, fis um monte de quadradinhos para uma coberta, agora vou fazer um casaco hehe.

  2. I just LOVE the red one..I hope you can make us all happy with the complete pattern soon ;)

  3. hun , unfortunatelly this is made without any pattern...will try to get one made as soon as I have a sec :) thanks for visiting

  4. Drool, drool: gorrrrjusss! :) Thanx for the inspiration!

  5. This is fabulous. I'm looking for a way to assemble granny squares I have made into a coat. I like your idea for the sleeves. How do you suggest I do the neck?

  6. wunderschön! liebe grüsse, mandy

  7. I do not crochet, but I want to purchase a coat like this red one. I cannot find the original source of your photos anywhere - do you know where I might find the original source to enquire about purchasing this coat? Thank yoU!

  8. Eveline - did you crochet this red coat yourself? You are a great artist if you did!! <3

  9. Beautiful coats! I love them. Would it be able to see the front of the red coat?
    Thank you for the inspiration