vineri, 10 mai 2013

Lovely Summer Crochet Top Pattern and Photo Tutorial

Looking for a pattern for a summer dress I can make out of very thin cotton with size 2 crochet hook I found this amazingly easy design and tutorial. It is not mine ( someday I will make these too) and I wanted to share it because I found it on the page of a woman I trully admire , Omaima Haissan.

It is very easy to fit to your size provided you measure the right way.

The top can easily be turn into a summer dress , even a maxi one because all you have to do is to increase and keep on adding the rows until you get the desired lenght.
I hope you like the idea.

xoxo and good luck

The Front

The Back

The yoke and straps made individually and attached ( see the first pic)

Done but...

You can add sleeves :) For a more romantic look

And some pearls to the edge of the sleeves in case you want it to be a clubbing outfit

Sleeve detail....lacy look so easy to achieve with simple chain clusters

Pattern detail

And the chart in Chinese but soo easy to follow,

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  1. A lovely, ageless style camisole! Thank you for sharing. I feel much more confident with your photo tutorial. I would enjoy seeing more of your work!
    Peace ♡

  2. Im very bad at following charts. Could you please e-mail me the writen out pattern please? I would LOVE to make this! My email adress is
    Thank you in advance!
    Crochet greetings

  3. I do better reading a pattern. Could you please email me a written pattern if you have one. My email address is Thank you so very much.