luni, 24 iunie 2013

Easy Crochet Tutorial for Ripple Handbag _ Free Pattern


Anyone else obsessing about bags lately? I know I am, especially since I got a bunch of ribbon yarn and I have no idea on what to use it except for bags.
So...since starting a puff stitch flower bag I posted on my Facebook page is a bit too hard for me I kinda love the challenge to try and make this type of ripple bag that seems a lot easier to pull through.

Basically the pattern calls for constant increase using a Vstitch or if you want to put it otherwise 2 double crochet in the same stitch. 
Also keep in mind you can make the upper trim edge as thick as you want and if you want a wider bottom make sure you increase the numbers of rows in the middle section of the pattern. 

Please print the chart to view it better or simply download the picture and increase the view.

The bags are not made by me . The green one belongs to Sasha Hoss my neighbour, and the yellow one belongs to Maya Vasquez my sister from another mother.

I hope you like this post . Feel free to comment and also , please like my Facebook page so you will have access to new and exciting patterns to try for crochet projects on all skill levels.



PS: The patten is taken from picassa and it was scanned and shared by somebody else.

marți, 18 iunie 2013

Free Crochet Pattern for Summer Wedding Shrug for Brides and Bridesmaids


My BFF Cora is getting married on July 20 and I am the made of honor :)

Apart from the huge honor and a bunch of stuff I have the pleasure of helping her with I also have the opportunity to enjoy helping with her and her bridesmaids attire.

Cora is the type of bride I love, offbeat , cool, into flower power trends ...kind of like me :) So looking for a kind of bridal shrug that would easily fit an empire dress I found a pattern extremely easy to make both for her in white and for us bridesmaids and made of honor in lilac purple.

The pattern is fairly easy to pull off because you can increase the number of motifs depending on the size of the person wearing it.

The bride in question is size 38( European) and I am size 40 ( also European). So far I am half through to her ( darn camera broke last week :( so no pictures until I fix it). And the pattern fits size 38 perfectly.

I am using Coats yarn, mercerized cotton and a 2 mm hook.

CREDITS for the pattern  GO to : Easy Crochet blog

xoxo and please share if you like it.


joi, 13 iunie 2013

Free Chart for Crochet Bikini Swimsuit - 2 Bikini Models

Just because it's summer and because I have a thing for crocheting swimsuits here is a pattern for those sharing my obsession. I can't offer credits because I found it on several sites nobody claiming ownership of it. So I will simply say thanks a million  to those posting such wonderful things.

Bottom detailing
Bra pattern and 2 types of bikini

How to measure

Back and front

Another detail idea.

I recommend cotton 3ply yarn for this purpose. Also make sure you measure the bikini to a real one you already own so you won't have to make my mistake and keep undoing several times before getting it right.
good luck

luni, 3 iunie 2013

Crochet SummerTunic Dress Free Chart and Photo Instructions

Another week, another amazing idea I feel compelled to share inside a humble blog posts. It is just a blog post since I bearely dare to start such a beautiful project with a 7 months' old on my hands.

Still since I found this tutorial on I cannot stop thinking about it.

I have a thing for tunics and dresses as crochet art goes and I am especially fond of patterns I can easily follow visually and adapt to my figure which is not exactly thin :)

However as you will see below, the pattern is easy to handle by increasing with the help of a supplementary number of double crochet stitches.

Make sure you measure yourself before you start.

The yoke and how to start the increase

the tear shape yoke - 7 rows completed

How to conect frot to back
Front - close up look

Back closeup look

Yoke chart manually written ( sorry for the picture quality)

 Chart detail (yoke and middle section -waist - basic pattern)

Chart detail - Increasing the number of stitches fron waist down

Another version of increase in case you want to make it into a dress

How to count depending on your size