vineri, 26 iulie 2013

Crochet Summer Sholder Coverup for Spaghetti and Tank Tops or Dresses

Coverups are the main thing in my mind these days. I've crocheted a bunch of stuff among which I never took time to experience a coverup.
However the time is now simply because I can't seem toget in the desired shape this summer and my beloved tank tops are not suited for my office wear.

Hence here is an interesting coverup , or a mini top if you would like to call it this way, any crochet addict can try making to compliment a not exactly complimenting silhouette.

Note the line in the middle. The chart presents how the two pieces are joined. Sorry for the poor quality, the pattern is once again scanned ferom a magazine.
Recommended: mercerized cotton ( of your own color choice and 2 mm hook)



PS: sorry for the belated and breef post.
Hectic week and a few more like it ahead.

luni, 15 iulie 2013

Free Crochet Chart for " I feel Pretty!" Summer Dress

Because it's summer and we all dream of bathing suits, and days in the sun, I fell compelled to share a wonderful pattern so light and easy to make, suited for hot summer days on the beach, but also for colder evenings so specific to the beginning of the fall when you can wear it with leggings.

Because the pattern is in Spanish, and the quality of the scan is not exactly perfect ( the image is from the web so please be kind) here are some additional explanations.

1. Read the charts from down to up so starting from below you have, the top( breast area chart), the mid section ( shells with picot) and the skirt ( lacy fan and shells motifs)

2. The model is for size 36 ( European). Measure accordingly and make sure you leave the same space as in the picture for the chest and underarm areas.
3. The lenght is up to you. You can make it longer but I don't reccomend further increase.

4. The design is suited for any type of light yarn but you can use medium to. Cotton is perfect but silk and acrylic also apply. The hook size is 2, 5 mm or 3mm ( larger the hook, larger the size ...the same applies to the size of the yarn)

I hope you like it. If you do please share :)

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luni, 8 iulie 2013

Free Crochet Charts for Two Summer Shrugs - Which one to Make ?

Another week...another blog posts...
You girls sharing my passion about crochet will for sure agree with me when I'm saying it's hard to decide what to make first.
Since I am recently fixating on shrugs and boleros simply because it's not exactly warm out there and not exactly cold, I need a helping hand to decide, which one of the two models posted here to make.
These days I feel I am really behind with crochet projects work, especially because days seem to grow shorter with a baby almost walking and an 8h job.
So because motifs are extremely easy to pull off here are two charts for crochet flower style motifs .
Both are made from squares and regardless of what you may think they are both extremely easy to make.

The pink one ( above) comes with a medium ( or long) sleeve depending on  how many motifs are you choosing to make inside a basic rectangle. I specially like the lacy style edge. The model in the picture was made from 50% acrylic, 50%cotton , 2 ply yarn and a 2.5 mm hook.

This yellow one is extremely similar with The ones from Summer Wedding Shrug for Brides and Bridesmaids ( one of my previous posts) . However I especially like the trimming ( fan and picot). The model in the picture fas made with and extremely thin yarn, 1 ply silk and a 1.5 mm hook. 

Which one would you make ? I am curious :)

Picture source: the web :) 



luni, 1 iulie 2013

Crochet Easy Granny Square Tunic - Sharing a Free Chart and Idea

Since I am into mother-daughter kind of projects here is an idea I have the privilege to share with a lot of admiration and respect for those who pinned and shared it before me.

This granny square tunic is perfect for any body type and the versatility of the design makes it ideal for any type of figure from baby to size XXL at adults.

Basically it depends on the figure to choose the type of yarn and also the number of granny squares.

It can be done in any combination of colors and also it really depends on your imagination whether you prefer it to be long or waist line short.

I also recommend to make it into a dress in case you are making it for a little girl.