vineri, 26 iulie 2013

Crochet Summer Sholder Coverup for Spaghetti and Tank Tops or Dresses

Coverups are the main thing in my mind these days. I've crocheted a bunch of stuff among which I never took time to experience a coverup.
However the time is now simply because I can't seem toget in the desired shape this summer and my beloved tank tops are not suited for my office wear.

Hence here is an interesting coverup , or a mini top if you would like to call it this way, any crochet addict can try making to compliment a not exactly complimenting silhouette.

Note the line in the middle. The chart presents how the two pieces are joined. Sorry for the poor quality, the pattern is once again scanned ferom a magazine.
Recommended: mercerized cotton ( of your own color choice and 2 mm hook)



PS: sorry for the belated and breef post.
Hectic week and a few more like it ahead.

2 comentarii:

  1. Such great patterns. Love them all! thank you for sharing.
    Love from Portugal

  2. That line cannot be a union. That has to be the neck opening. So... How did they do it, I wonder? 8