joi, 29 august 2013

Crochet Granny Square Style Baby Cardigan - Pattern and Photos

Hello my fellow crochet passionate

This is my project for this week...extremely lovable because it will be a gift for a cute little girl.
Basically I stumbled upon it where I generally found my inspiration : the Russian crafts forums.
The strange thing about it is that I found the same kind of pattern used in a tutorial for granny square shrug made of homespun thread, adult size.

I am not a fan of saying something was my idea when it wasn't but honestly when you look at  how easy to  make is this cardigan you will for surely want to have created this yourself.
I must confess that the pattern is highly addictive and you may be tempted to keep on crocheting until it is done.

Since it is for kids I recommend size 2 soft spun, acrylic yarn, baby yarn if you have at hand and a size 2 mm ( 2,5) hook.

Feel free to decorate and accessorize to your liking and add a granny square pattern beanie . The ensemble can make an amazing gift for any child, girl or boy.

The beginning

One side done

Second side in progress

Sides folded into position

and the chart

From here on you can use a contrasting color to make a border and a hemline for sleeves and bottom. Also the collar can be crocheted or knitted. The sky is the limit.
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xoxo to u all


joi, 22 august 2013

Free Crochet Chart for Cold Weather Bolero

Hello my lovely crochet passionate

I am forever looking for new and exciting patterns to post. No , they are not mine, nor did I have the chance to try them, but I am posting here things I plan to make so I won't forget about them, daring projects I am extremely fond of and mostly everything me and my BFFs are chatting about every day.

Yes we are hooked on crochet and long live Facebook for allowing me to meet the most talented and most amazing women sharing my passion.

So without any other further blah...blah here is the chart for the above posted beauty:

The basic motifs - 2 major, 2 minor and the way you should display them. I like about the design the fact that it is really versatile. The motifs being of similar sizes you can use both or only 1 of each. I am positively tempted to make one using only the one from the left of the picture because of its 3D flower effect. 

How to link the motifs.
I especially wanted to post this pattern because I noticed so many patterns out there not carrying these particular instructions. For me personally linking the floral motifs was a pain. I was pretty fond of linking granny squares and I figured that linking florals will be the same. However my first shrug was a huge mess.
Since then I really appreciate the charts coming with this extra instructions.

What kind of yarn to use...hmmm that a tricky one.
the original pattern is in Chinese and I don't know Chinese so my best guess would be cotton or very thin acrylic yarn. I guess it is all about how twisted the yarn is for the floral motifs to be both delicate and sturdy.

I hope you liked the design because I love it, and I hope you will give me a feedback  in case any of you choose to make this.
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marți, 13 august 2013

Free Crochet Chart for Fall Coat - Puff Stitch Flower and Something More

I have a confession to make ... I am an addicted fan of Russian crochet and knitting magazines...I am also fascinated by the skill and speed of some of my Facebook friends from Romania, Thailand, Spain, Brazil and Turkey.

This summer I found it hard to understand why I had so little time on my hands to crochet, but as Anca told me :) with a little baby and a household to provide for, two jobs and little sleep , my passion for crochet had to suffer a bit more than I expected.


For you , the crochet passionate, on a lookout for a cool looking, warm and fuzzy but also trendy and elegant fall coat here are two different models of puff stitch flower cardigans extremely versatile and also extremely easy to make.

You have the option to choose from a long coat made entirely of puff stitch flower motifs , or a long coat with the upper side made of double crochet and the bottom side made of puff stitch flower, both patterns  courtesy of

On a secondary note, I must say that I love the clothing made of flower motifs, regardless they are made for summer or for any other season. After granny square clothing these are my absolute favorites.

I wish from the bottom of my heart to have the time to make at least one of these for myself.

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vineri, 9 august 2013

Crochet Easy Lovely Top - Square Flower Motif

Square flower motifs are not only easy to make but also very easy to join. Depending on your body measurements  the flower motifs can be multiplied or reduced especially in the case of a top or a blouse.

What is very important to keep in mind , is the fact that most flower motifs have certain point where they connect and this is very important in case you want to have a result that will fit you.

Another important aspect is the yarn and the hook. Bigger hook and thicker thread make a larger size. For a smaller hook and a very thin yarn simply multiply the number of motifs.

Extra tip.
It helps to use a size pattern or a regula T-shirt to have an idea about the size.

and here is the chart