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Free Crochet Chart for Cold Weather Bolero

Hello my lovely crochet passionate

I am forever looking for new and exciting patterns to post. No , they are not mine, nor did I have the chance to try them, but I am posting here things I plan to make so I won't forget about them, daring projects I am extremely fond of and mostly everything me and my BFFs are chatting about every day.

Yes we are hooked on crochet and long live Facebook for allowing me to meet the most talented and most amazing women sharing my passion.

So without any other further blah...blah here is the chart for the above posted beauty:

The basic motifs - 2 major, 2 minor and the way you should display them. I like about the design the fact that it is really versatile. The motifs being of similar sizes you can use both or only 1 of each. I am positively tempted to make one using only the one from the left of the picture because of its 3D flower effect. 

How to link the motifs.
I especially wanted to post this pattern because I noticed so many patterns out there not carrying these particular instructions. For me personally linking the floral motifs was a pain. I was pretty fond of linking granny squares and I figured that linking florals will be the same. However my first shrug was a huge mess.
Since then I really appreciate the charts coming with this extra instructions.

What kind of yarn to use...hmmm that a tricky one.
the original pattern is in Chinese and I don't know Chinese so my best guess would be cotton or very thin acrylic yarn. I guess it is all about how twisted the yarn is for the floral motifs to be both delicate and sturdy.

I hope you liked the design because I love it, and I hope you will give me a feedback  in case any of you choose to make this.
thanks for visiting and 
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