vineri, 20 septembrie 2013

Crochet Motifs Patterns to Combine However You Like

Since so many of us don't dare to start a project made of separate motifs because we don't exactly know how to join them , I thought about offering some insight on how I learned to do it.

This post is not about Irish Lace ( don't get me wrong...I am a fan but I don't dare to start on it very soon), but rather about making boleros, vests, blouses and dresses out of individual motifs.

Speaking from my limited experience combining motifs into a clothing item is far easier than crocheting a whole piece from top to bottom.

Personally I am a fan of square crochet motifs regardless they are granny squares, puff stitch flower based or lacy looking structures. One on top of the other from my own point of you bands seem a lot easier to combine and it is pretty much amazing how can anyone make a fabulous looking dress out of vertical bands smartly joined.

Here are the patterns and tutorial I saved for winter days. I dream of using them in many different ways but most likely I will dare and make myself a fabulous evening gown :)

Photo Tutorial

Single Crochet Bands Chart

Double Crochet Band Chart and Joining

Puff Stitch ( 3 cluster) Band Chart

Double crochet bands photo tutorial ( courtesy of My Picot)

Another fabulous dress ( motifs upside down)
(photo from web)

so here it is ....

I hope you enjoy this post and dare trying this patterns :)

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