vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

Evening Wear - Crocheted Wind Mill Motif Tunic and Bolero

I don't know about you but whenever there's a holiday ( and there are many in the orthodox calendar :) I find myself browsing Pinterest and not only for new and amazing crochet challenges to share.

Another confession that I have to make is that I usually fall asleep with my mind “ crocheting” a certain pattern or motif. Did this happen to any of you? I mean it’s like my mind wants to train itself for the visual impact and determination to complete that certain project.

So …for this particular week I feel compelled to share two lovely patterns I saved and planned to make this winter in the hope there will be a glamorous party I will wear them at.
I am fascinated by the wind mill motif , especially because it looks mighty awesome and it is part of those motifs so easy-peasy to make. Basically all you have to do is count and be careful of the number of stitches. From there on the work flows light and gently and you simply notice how amazing the result is…

In my pre-blogging days I noticed a dress made of silk yarn at a company cocktail party and I was extremely fascinated with how that lacy structure complimented the wearer’s silhouette making her look thinner and taller than all of us knowing her expected her to be.

The bottom line is that this particular motif has something vintage about it and it is ideal for something you would wear at a Christmas party, at an elegant soiree or simply during a romantic night out with your loved one.

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Tunic chart

Bolero chart main motif and setting

Further instructions for bolero



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  1. I'd love to try both of these tops, but the copies of the charts and instructions are too light, not in focus, and thus unreadable.