marți, 15 octombrie 2013

Knitted Baby Faux Fur Jacket Tutorial and Instructions

OMG...Winter is sooo close...and summer so far...and me being an extremely cautious and I would like to think mommy, I thought why not make my little one a new faux fur coat.

Easier said than done, simply because crocheting a grass ( fur) yarn is extremely difficult not to mention annoying. I tried it of course but in spite of the fact that the tutorial I found on...a Russian site via a Romanian Crochet Community on Facebook, was done with the same type of yarn and a size 2 crochet hook....I went for knitting.

So here are a few hints from my experience:

  • it is a bit hard to see the loops
  • the yarn tends to tangle or slip from the hook ( especially polyester)
  • work progresses rather slow
  • in case you miss " a spot" you have to redo and undoing is torture( the yarn turns to knots and you have to cut it)
  • use any stitch
  • simply decrease and follow the tutorial the same way you would with a crochet hook
  • the sleeves must be done separately ans sewn after the vest is done.
  • the edging , collar and cuffs can be knitted or crocheted any pattern you like
So see below the tutorial I followed  and please like my Facebook page for more interesting shares :)

vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Office Worthy Cardigan - Crochet Photo Tutorial

Hello again fellow crochet passionate
Me and my obsession for photo tutorials...
I have a list so long ...of crochet patterns to try...that sometimes I think I will retire and never get to make them all.
Among all of the patterns and charts I saved for future use there are so many labeled with the name of my little one that I cannot decide which one to make first.
But...since fall is here and we feel the need to wear something lovely and delicate under a thicker layer of clothing , here is a lacy cardigan made of round motifs , extremely interestingly joined and surprisingly  easy to fit to any particular size.
Of course , this one ( tutorial) belongs to a Chinese lady , whose name I don't know ( and I am sorry because she surely deserves all the credit) . I hope if you guys manage to find who she is , you'll make sure you post a comment with her name so I can formally thank her because she is surely something else. :)
Why this cardi ? Well...I am sure ...a lot of you girls out there, found yourself in the need for something lacy , comfy and complimenting to wear in an office during winter.
Most offices are heated and if we need a fur ( faux) coat to get to the office , a lovely cardi worn over a top is perfect for the rest of the days indoors.
They say those that can't do , spite of the fact that I lack time and recently health to crochet like crazy , I must say that those that don't have time to crochet their dreams love to share them. I know this because I am one of them
so xoxo
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