luni, 25 noiembrie 2013

Classy Winter Jacket - Crochet Pattern and Tips

In case you are tempted to try your hand o a classy looking crochet jacket, I have the best idea for you.
The beauty of this particular model is that it can be fitted easily with proper measurements, the chart is easy to convert to any size and the neat decorative trick make a whole lot of difference.

Basically you can play with colors and don't let your yarn supply go to waste.
If you a a bit of a yarn hoarder like me for sure you have rests of yarn similar in thickness lying around...So why throw them away when you can combine them, especially if they come in matching color nuances, to make an awesome looking jacket.

The original measurements of the model are for EU sizes 42-44. Keep in mind that the yarn for this particular model is thick to bulky and depending on the crochet hook used the original measurements for the size may differ.

I, personally, am tempted to add it a bit of spin and add a large flower made of sashay yarn I have left from my little one's ruffle skirt .

Notice the neat trick !!!! Pulling yarn in basic chain spokes in the chain one spaces makes the jacket look extremely smartly done , when in fact is just a simple artifice with a huge visual impact. :)

Measure yourself carefully. The decrease remains similar in the underarm and neck opening sections . The collar is not detailed but it consists in a a basic rectangle according to the size of the neck opening.

I hope you like this idea , I know I do :)
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  1. I would love to have this pattern written out in English. It's beautiful!