vineri, 8 noiembrie 2013

Crochet Cute Cardi for Little Girls - Christmas Wear Ideas

Because I am a fan of cute little things to make for my daughter I am always looking for cute little dresses and cardigans she could wear in church or when visiting our friends.
I am especially fond of the shell motif and also especially into creating the type of dress my little one could wear over a top, or shirt.

Since people say it's gonna be along winter I am trying to decide on what items to make for her. This is why I am browsing and browsing the Russian sites and Picassa web albums where amazing women post amazing charts, patterns and tutorials so the ones like me could take on the task to make something cute for their little princesses.
 So back to the cardi...
I specially like about this particular design that it pretty much follows the pattern Anna Phelps teaches in her videos.
The yoke is a square or rectangle which allows easy counting and division of spokes. Also the shell pattern is extremely easy to follow and you can always use it to make a matching dress.
Personally I was very afraid of making sleeves...I was always stressed not to make the little garment uncomfortable. In the case of this cardi sleeves are just added in the open arm section and easily worked.

I hope you enjoy this post and make this little wonder for your little ones.

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