marți, 10 decembrie 2013

Easy to Make Spectacular Crochet Winter Tunic

If you are like me, fond of tunics and their versatility you will surely love this post.
Leaving aside the fact that I lost over 2000 patterns and charts because of a faulty memory stick that failed me badly last week, I have to say I am a bit sad because I lack time to complete 3 different projects started out of need.

- 1 tunic ( I had nothing to wear for the office Christmas party)
- 1 knitted furry vest for my little one ( boucle mohair yarn...killer for the nerves...extremely difficult to knit)
 - 1 evening bolero ( Thank God I fit into a dress so I have something to wear at the Christmas party , but nothing to cover an open back sleeveless cocktail dress) can guess I am in a foul mood and the only thing calming my nerves is ...of course looking for exciting projects to replace the ones I lost.
This particular tunic I love simply because it combines amazingly easy 2 basic patterns and a thick yarn that will help you get it done extremely quickly. I have a special melange acrylic thick yarn put aside for this model and this post will be updated as soon as the tunic is done.

Meanwhile I hope a lot of you will try this and post the result whether here or on my Facebook page. If you are part of the Google plus communities feel free to share this post.

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Top section pattern worked in round ( measure according to the instructions)

Waist line "spider web" and down skirt also worked in round

credits for this find go to

I hope you like this post



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