miercuri, 22 ianuarie 2014

2 Crochet Charts for Spring Cardigans

Me and my habit of fixating on things...call it as you like but when I fixate on something , I must make it and the same goes for crocheting projects...
Did you notice you can never have too many cardigans? Especially in spring when you are ready to shed off any number of layers and stitch to a cute top and a light jacket...you feel the need for a cute cardi to keep you warm enough and fashionably layered.

With 2014 fashion trends calling for a large area of open knits and fine crocheted items I am extremely tempted to race myself into making two different cardigans able to fit a casual outfit for walking my little one and the task to layer something over a lovely spring dress for church.

I am more into boho chic than into elegant clothing style and in my opinion, considering my wardrobe, a casual, light but slightly dressy design will fit the purpose....
And now the decision...
Both designs are easy to make and ...you can leave it to the Chinese designers to tempt you with soft texture and lovely cut....so which one to go for first ?

Oversize trend - Complimentary for a fuller figure

I am a fan of scallops and shells, and obviously I find this particular  design perfect for the oversize trend of the next season. You can bet I have in mind a little more than spring walks and that I see it perfect for the next fall too.

The pattern is extremely simple and the measurements can be modified to match your size. I am simply fond off the elegant picot edging.

Openwork knits ( crochet) trend - Elegant jacket style cardi

If you are like me, dreaming of an elegant cardi able to match perfectly a long elegant skirt  but also to dress up your skinny jeans, this is the one to go for.
I like the fact that you can use a different type of yarn for the pattern which can alter the texture from fine to warm and comfy. However I think I will choose a 3 size yarn cotton  ( Coats) and a 3 mm hook.

Instructions are in Chinese but let me tell you what I normally do.
Choose the measurements from your side and start with a number of base chains according to that. From there on follow the like of the model and make sure you take are extra careful with increasing and decreasing.

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joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

Mohair Bolero Free Crochet Chart and Photos

 Hi and welcome to a new post :)
Recently I was extremely busy so my passion for crochet was a bit neglected, however, at night when I can't fall asleep I still browse the web for amazing new ideas and designs to add to my collection.

I don't know about you, but I sure am a hoarder in this department, as I am in the yarn department.

I have a wardrobe full of yarns, carefully ordered in cardboard boxes by type and thickness ...but I always buy some more...either because I like the color, or simply because I don't have that particular kind...and the stash keeps on growing...lol

Among the latest additions to my yarn storage , I bought a lovely mohair, fine and fluffy and I plan to use it for the bolero this post is about. I think you can confidently use any type of acrylic mix for this particular pattern but I truly believe that mohair is the ideal type of yarn.

Basically the pattern is made out of individual flower motifs and I think it is extremely easy to do even for the medium skilled crochet passionate. If you can't join the motifs as you go , you can always join them in the end the way you would do with the regular granny squares.

The Back 

Round border ( you can make as large as you like)
How are the squares joined

 Pretty flower in center of each square

The border detailed

 The chart for the square

 Fan pattern for the round border

Basic setting and number of squares

I hope you like this post and consider making this cute bolero.

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marți, 7 ianuarie 2014

Awesome Flower Cape Style Blouse - Free Crochet Chart

 Like so many other crochet addicts I am a crochet flower fan. I like making flowers to decorate the pretty girly dresses I make for my little one and I also like the idea behind a cool looking outfit , Irish lace style where flowers will make heads turn when I enter the room.
easier said then done because I am yet to master the art of Irish style crochet and why not lose a few pounds so such design will look good on me.
However ...for the girls out there fond of the idea of creating a festive outfit suited for winter ( to be worn under a coat) and spring ( because of the flower pattern) here is a superb flower blouse design I am especially fond off.

The original model was made in white but I simply see it made in Violet Tulip ( see the Pantone color trends for spring 2014)
The credits for the picture go to Marlene Croches although the pattern was far from being easy to find. I stumbled it on Picassa ...looking for flower patterns.

I like the idea of the cape style large collar because it somehow offer the blouse a party ready look. In my opinion you can easily make it into a dress with a string of flowers around the waist line.

Things to know :
1. The cape is made by simply joining the three tier flowers.
2. The measurements for the blouse can be adjusted when compared to the ones given.
2. The basic 1 chart is extremely easy to make.

Recommended yarn, fine to medium cotton or cotton mix with acrylic ( size 2.5mm hook)
 I hope you like my idea of a cool looking project.

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