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Awesome Flower Cape Style Blouse - Free Crochet Chart

 Like so many other crochet addicts I am a crochet flower fan. I like making flowers to decorate the pretty girly dresses I make for my little one and I also like the idea behind a cool looking outfit , Irish lace style where flowers will make heads turn when I enter the room.
easier said then done because I am yet to master the art of Irish style crochet and why not lose a few pounds so such design will look good on me.
However ...for the girls out there fond of the idea of creating a festive outfit suited for winter ( to be worn under a coat) and spring ( because of the flower pattern) here is a superb flower blouse design I am especially fond off.

The original model was made in white but I simply see it made in Violet Tulip ( see the Pantone color trends for spring 2014)
The credits for the picture go to Marlene Croches although the pattern was far from being easy to find. I stumbled it on Picassa ...looking for flower patterns.

I like the idea of the cape style large collar because it somehow offer the blouse a party ready look. In my opinion you can easily make it into a dress with a string of flowers around the waist line.

Things to know :
1. The cape is made by simply joining the three tier flowers.
2. The measurements for the blouse can be adjusted when compared to the ones given.
2. The basic 1 chart is extremely easy to make.

Recommended yarn, fine to medium cotton or cotton mix with acrylic ( size 2.5mm hook)
 I hope you like my idea of a cool looking project.

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  1. Hello! Do you have a bigger picture of the crochet chart? I want to try making this but I can't see the center of the 3 tier flower pattern very well! Thank you. Love your blog!

    1. Chain 8 and join with a sl st.
      chain 7 and dc in the ring. first 3 ch count as starting dc
      ch 4, dc in the ring. 4 times,
      ch 4 and join to top of 3rd ch on startin ch.

  2. hun try to save the pic and increase in a picture viewer :) I wish I could make it bigger but this is the best I can do . Please see the chart for a 3 tier flower on my Facebook page. xoxo and thanks for the kind words .:)

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  4. Hi, by chance do you have this beautiful top directions written out? I have a difficult time following a chart? Thank you for your time.


  6. Alana dear, unfortunately I don't :( I am using charts only since it's easier for me :(

  7. This is so beautiful. I'm trying to make a stola out if this flowers. It will take a while. When I'm ready i'll let you know