joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

Mohair Bolero Free Crochet Chart and Photos

 Hi and welcome to a new post :)
Recently I was extremely busy so my passion for crochet was a bit neglected, however, at night when I can't fall asleep I still browse the web for amazing new ideas and designs to add to my collection.

I don't know about you, but I sure am a hoarder in this department, as I am in the yarn department.

I have a wardrobe full of yarns, carefully ordered in cardboard boxes by type and thickness ...but I always buy some more...either because I like the color, or simply because I don't have that particular kind...and the stash keeps on

Among the latest additions to my yarn storage , I bought a lovely mohair, fine and fluffy and I plan to use it for the bolero this post is about. I think you can confidently use any type of acrylic mix for this particular pattern but I truly believe that mohair is the ideal type of yarn.

Basically the pattern is made out of individual flower motifs and I think it is extremely easy to do even for the medium skilled crochet passionate. If you can't join the motifs as you go , you can always join them in the end the way you would do with the regular granny squares.

The Back 

Round border ( you can make as large as you like)
How are the squares joined

 Pretty flower in center of each square

The border detailed

 The chart for the square

 Fan pattern for the round border

Basic setting and number of squares

I hope you like this post and consider making this cute bolero.

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