luni, 3 februarie 2014

Crochet Chart and Instructions for a Fancy Looking Bolero Jacket

Hi there and happy February darlings , :)

If any of you are like me , waiting for the awesome days of spring, you will sure love this post. When I first saw this model I was like ..."I've got to make myself one of this!!!!"

Why? Well...because it's simply super easy to make and extremely versatile not to mention fancy enough to be a party wear and cute enough to become ...why not...a Valentine's day boudoir apparel.

So ...said and done ...I bought myself some size 3 acrylic yarn and some , grass type of faux fur yarn ( any brand would do for each), a 3,5 mm hook and I am ready to start.

Here are some tips from my experience so far:

1. The model can be made bigger ( the number of clusters on the chart display is for Medium size, European 36-38) using a larger hook( looser structure) or  a larger hook and thicker yarn ( simply bigger result). 

2. Make sleeves longer by adding to the number of cluster rows .

3. You can simply crochet or knit the furry garnish separately and weave it in to the side of the finished jacket. However to make it even more versatile use a ribbon yarn in a matching color for the weaving so you can simply remove the garnish and wear the item in the warmer season. Clever, right?

4. You can replace the puff stitches from the individual elements with a three double crochet clusters for a more relaxed structure.

I really hope you like this post :)

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xoxo and stick around for more awesome crochet patterns to try.


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