luni, 10 februarie 2014

Fluid Pattern vs. Squares for Summer Dream Cardi of Mercerized Cotton

Hello y'all
and welcome to my boho chic vs. stylish dream of a summer cardi.
If you are like me ...a bit of a hoarder , most likely you have some mercerized cotton stash somewhere from lats year's summer projects.
Because the weather outside( still raining) takes me to day dreaming of superb summer days and sun kissed skin dressed in white ...I feel compelled to share one ore two...of my future projects.

The white cardi is a basic boho chic design, extremely easy pattern , extremely versatile measurements, ideal for a looser structure, that will compliment any type of figure. I am especially fond of simple diagram especially because you can insert rows of fillet *1 dc, ch1 and so on * in between 2 or 4 rows of the model presented in the diagram.

In case you want a matching top , just follow the diagram , make two squares and add thin spaghetti braces. 

Me and my conflicts with what pattern to make first....God's willing there will come a day when I will have the time to make them all but that will be when I am old and gray....( long time,....God's willing ...never)....
However...besides being a hoarder , I am also a fan of squares....any kind, any name it...
I don't know about you....but I find the square based patterns extremely alluring , not to mention....easy to make...since individual elements are far from being as boring and dull( during making) as the fluid patterns are.

this being said, in case you like mercerized cotton and you are a fan of squares, consider this amazing, not to mention seductively delicate and easy to make design.

The square pattern is the one under the dotted line on the above pic and keep in mind that depending on the size you must adjust the number of squares.

Well...these being birthday girl ( thanks Google for the Happy Birthday sign on my search page :) )
wish you all God's speed in making each of these and feel free to share the post if you like the ideas.
Also....if  by any chance you need further instructions contact me via a comment to this blog post link on my Facebook page and I will respond immediately.

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