joi, 20 februarie 2014

For the Love of a Comfy Home - Crochet Kimono, Pillow and Rug - Free Patterns

Do you like squares???
I DO!!! 
Without any exaggeration, without any empty talk for the sake of talking, I must say I am a square addict.
So hello to you all my dear friends :) and welcome to a post about a comfy recipe for any lovely home.

The truth behind my passion for squares is of course the endeavor of begging to crochet when I had no idea whatsoever about how to hold a hook, what yarn is good for what, and how a chart or a written pattern is read....
This was almost a year ago, last April...when because a crocheted baby dress was too expensive to buy I set my mind to learning and making one myself... And I did, and actually did quite a few of them since then...

Long way since that particular moment when my passion became a means of income and truth be told , I never quite imagined what will it mean to make a living out of the work I love.

So...back to squares ....
in my opinion their are easier to make and to handle compared to a model that is made in one piece.
So in case you have thick , acrylic yarn( not necessarily same size) which remained from other projects...or bits of skeins you got as a bonus, or as a discount...consider making these patch-work style additions for your home: a kimono, a cute pillow and a lovely boho-chic rug.

Kimono is made with basic 2dc clusters ( read the loopy elements in the chart as 2dc). the patter is amazingly easy to follow( just follow the letters)

For the pillow and the rug, let your imagination fly, because you can combine the squares anyway you like. Personally I would like to put the big flowers as a border...but you are free to try any arrangement you see fit. 

I hope you like this idea and I really hope you will post on my Google + page the result of your work :)

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xoxo to y'all


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