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Crochet Charts for Calypso Tunic - Something to Mend a Bad Day

Hello my dear friends…in a gloomy , sad and painful day….
Since blogging makes me feel better and so does looking up amazing patterns in a Sunday  like this, I felt the need to share with you a beautiful model ideal for the upcoming summer.
I had a horrific day …actually a couple of days and it seems pain lingers in the heart regardless the efforts you make to chase it away. I am sorry for being down not my usually upbeat and cheerful self but with my sis sick and a huge something missing in my family I feel that only beautiful things can help me feel better.
So here goes….
For those of you looking for an amazing tunic that will match the beach wear but also add a cosmopolitan touch to a summery outfit I think I just found the perfect design you can make out of double mercerized cotton.
This particular type of yarn is not exactly easy to handle for those lacking patience and in case you consider this pattern will prove to be a handful let me put your worries to rest .

 The combination of patterns , the way they are displayed make this tunic something equally sexy and easy to pull through like my beloved one-teaspoon  tunic. However…in this case the combination of lovely squares , sexy chain structures and A-line design are all meant to mirror this tunic’s lovely name : Calypso.

Isn't it amazing?

You can easily see the order the charts come into  in the picture below.There are no special spokes, nothing complicated about the display. You just have to measure yourself right and follow the visual instructions.

Credits go to styleknitting.ru ( obviously :)
I hope you have an amazing week and  only beautiful thing come your way.

Please feel free to bookmark the post on Google + and share it further because this design is surely worthy of being seen and made by the mazing crochet artists out there : all of YOU.

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