miercuri, 26 martie 2014

Crochet Pretty Summer Dress for Pretty Little Girls

With summer almost here and bunch of mercerized cotton in candy colors laying around in my closet , I thought why not make a cute little jewel of a dress for my little princess.

For any of the moms out there and even more for every handmade passionate striving to make a buck out of crocheting beautiful things, the child clothing are the easiest things to make.

Indeed ...they need less fabric, you don't have the chance to get bored making them and they are usually cheaper and easier to sell than a grown-up clothing item.

The practical things aside... a pretty dress in contrasting colors can be the ideal item for a baby girl or a cute toddler to wear at the church or during any possible outing on a warm summer day.

So about this baby dress crochet pattern...

  • the bodice is a basic raglan style square
  • the skirt is made of basic dc , shell style , clusters, increasing occurs naturally, if you want a tighter model simply start with 2dc , ch 1 on the first skirt row and increase the number of  dc as you go down.

Bodice details

Yarn size and hook size

The bodice chart

Upper side : skirt trimming chart
Lower side: skirt chart

Flutter sleeve effect trimming chart 

So that's about it...
Credits for this post's pictures go to Liveinternet .ru ( that is where I found them)

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