miercuri, 23 aprilie 2014

Dream of Summer - 2 Free Charts for Crochet Tank Tops

Dreaming of summer…You will say “you and me both honey”…lol

If you are like me and Easter means for you the beginning of warmer days and the best to come spring wise, you surely dream of a versatile tank top to crochet .

I am very much into upbeat meets boho-chic and shabby chic kind of fashion style so wearing a crocheted top on my not exactly slender figure could prove to be a challenge.

If any of you crochet fans and addicts out there are fond of the idea of creating something you could wear as a loose fitted cute summer apparel and turn into a cute lacy vest to match a shirt for the fall to come , you should consider one of these cute tank top designs.

It’s not exactly difficult to crochet a tank top…in fact it is one of the most versatile top shapes ever because you can integrate pretty much any type of pattern.

However…there a few things you must consider:
  1.    The yarn must be cotton for any summer tank top.
  2.  Match the type of yarn with a hook one size bigger than the one recommended for that type of yarn . This will result in a looser appearance and a more airy feel for the top.
  3. Choose a color that will easily match black and neutral undergarments .
  4.  Focus on the type of waistline that will fit your figure ( consider breast lines , waist lines, type of body)

And without any other further addition here are my proposal for : dream of summer crochet tank top

I dream of flowers ( shared by Amelia Firan)

 Simply summer ( from liveinternet.ru)

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