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3 Crochet Bathing Suit Designs for Post Pregnancy and Fuller Figures

Because the weather outside is amazing ...it's Sunday and ...obviously ....not a work day....here comes my blog :)

I don't know about you but I never seem to have the time to do it all. Between working two jobs, cooking cleaning, taking care of my little one , crocheting is like a dear hobby I don't seem to fit inside my daily schedule as much as I should.
With several projects started….well not several but two…I keep on dreaming of a crocheted bathing suit.

Since I am fighting to get back in shape after giving birth through a C-section , among other things on my list is also making the abdominal area to look decent enough to wear a bikini. However …since Rome was not built in a day , I am still considering crocheting a tankini style bathing suit or a one piece model with a lacy cover for the mid- section.

So …while browsing for patterns  and patterns ….and patterns my heart set on  3 particular models I see fit for mommies like me with a figure that needs a little more work until it can fit into a pre–pregnancy bikini.

Light and Practical

I personally love the bra on this design. Extremely  versatile , yarn wise. Depending on the yarn you can wing it  in any size possible. Thicker cotton will make a bigger size. I recomend adding lining to keep the structure in place, give the design a bit of body and prevent stretching.

Diva  and simply diva

Make no mistake...this is not the design perfect only for the perfect figure. The model may be a silfide but the design is ideal for hour glass figures. The lower side is extremely generous and can be easily transformed into a cute cover for larger hips while the bra line can easily accompany fuller breasts by increasing the number of spokes according to your regular bra size.

Cool Looking Tankini

I simply love the  design of this tankini. Personally I would combine the lower part of the top with the bra design of the first model sinse my breasts are not exactly trimmed due to breastfeeding . However , this is the ideal choice for hidding stretchmarks and look casually pretty. Once again adding a fabric lining will prevent cotton from stretching and give the design a chance to go through water and not lose shape.

So ...which one is more tempting for you?
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  1. Hi which one is the full figured pattern?

    "3 Crochet Bathing Suit Designs for Post Pregnancy and Fuller Figures"

  2. THANK YOU for sharing these AWESOME pieces.
    At some point I'd love to try making all 3, but for personal use right now the combo of 1 & 3 you mentioned would probably work best for me. I plan to start buying the yarn over the next few months (already have an awesome color combo picked out) and starting by Halloween. That should give me plenty of time to finish it