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Free Crochet Pattern for Classic Casual and Chic Summer Dress

When it comes to classic cut dresses, we are all dreaming of a particular design that will complement our figure even after a sleepless night and an extra pound gained because of a heart break. Out of so many designs out there that would fit a crochet summer dress this particular one is the most versatile.

It can easily fit into the 3 C’s  - Classic, Casual and Chic simply because the design is kind of timeless, the pattern is easily matched to it and the versatile cut makes it ideal for any type of color and why not...any type of yarn.
I recommend mercerized cotton and 2,5 mm hook .  

Another interesting thing about this dress is the length option which can pretty much vary depending on the shape and size of your ties. The design can easily be made in any color although in my opinion the neutrals are ideal for this design.

The picture dress is size 36-38 European. For  a larger size you can simply begin with a larger number of chains at the bottom according to your measurements. 

I am especially fond of the spider web style of crochet patterns. There is a certain something about them that make the lacy structure of a crocheted item even more lacier . As a plus in this case you have two pattern designs to choose from.

Since this dress is extremely popular and so many of you guys asked for a written pattern, here goes:
Yarn recommendation: cotton mercerized, medium to fine, cotton viscose mix, 2,5 mm hook.
The pattern from the dress is a classic one, spider style and it is important to keep in mind that the A-line shape is obtained using a basic decrease.
The dress is worked from bottom up in two identical sides.
Measure the required length.
Considering the flared effect of the bottom measure the bottom according to your measurements so you will obtain the loose finish.
1.       Chain the required length – multiples of 18
2.       Ch3, ch2 sk 2, 1dc ch2 sk2,1dc ch2 sk2 4dc,*ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc,ch2 sk2 4dc* …repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st , turn
3.       Ch5,1dc ch2 sk2,1dc ch2 sk2,* 4dc,ch5 sk2, 4dc,ch2 sk2,1dc,ch2 sk2,1dc,ch2 sk2*…repeat ** till the end of the row , sl st ,turn
4.       Ch5 sk2, *4dc ,ch4 sk4 1sc in the 5ch space below, ch4 sk4,4dc ch2 sk2* …repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st , turn
5.       Ch9 ,1 sc in the sc below, ch6,*4dc ,ch6 1sc in the sc below,ch6 4dc*…repeat till the end of the row, sl st, turn
6.       Ch5, 4dc, ch5 1sc in the 1sc below, ch5, 4dc,ch2,* 4dc ch5 1sc in the 1sc below, ch5, 4dc,ch2*…repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st, turn
7.       Ch5, *4dc,ch2, 4dc, ch2,1dc,ch2,1dc ch2*…repeat till the end of the row, sl st, turn

Repeat the same sequence rows : 2 to 7 and work until the underarm decrease.
The decrease is a basic square decrease . Just skip the number of required stitches on each side. Work the arm opening.
Same goes for the neck opening . Just skip the spokes from the middle of each section and work the sides upwards.
The lacy trim around the arm opening , neck opening and bottom is a basic ch5 and 10dc worked in the 5ch space. The pacing of this depends on the type of yarn you use .

This is about it. Since the dress is see through we recommend lining it with something sheer but breezy to keep the summery fill. Keep in mind that the lining with reduce the size by 2 cm.

I hope you will consider making this dress and if you like the design please feel free to share.

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duminică, 15 iunie 2014

Free Chart and Instructions for the Most Versatile Square Motif

I don’t know about you but I have a thing for crocheted elements…

With so much summery yarn lying around and with an acute need for  airy things to wear with a tank top and spaghetti straps…I found the ideal floral square motif you can combine into anything you want. When I say anything …I mean anything.

I am especially fond of the blouse option but as you can see on my Facebook page I found this particular motif used for vests, tops, dresses, tunics and even baby wear.

Since the major issue of this type of motifs is always the joining…I did my best to find a pic that would help me join the elements without cutting the yarn. Said and done ….I realized is not exactly hard and you simply have to pay attention to the sequence of the motifs.

However…if you can’t follow this style of joining, don’t give up on using the motif. Yes…there is some extra work but the result is totally worth it.

The main motif

Sequences of double crochet and chains.

How to join without cutting the yarn

Howto link the rows

A very clear and detailed chart for motif joining

I hope you like this post and dare to use this gorgeous motif into stunning pieces of clothing.

Have fun, I know I had  using it especially because after a few tries the joining without cutting the yarn was as easy as pie :).

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Also let me know your opinion and share your experience about working with this motif.

xoxo and have an amazing Sunday


marți, 10 iunie 2014

Crochet Pattern for The Perfect Summer Formal Wear

I don’t know about you but for me summer is the time of the year when I have to attend to weddings , engagement parties, graduation parties, garden parties, kids anniversaries, church events….and so on.

If usually I am kind of an upbeat type of girl, considering a sporty chic and why not ….even a flower power type of wear , for these occasions I must admit that I consider wearing something more elegant and fairly lady like.

When crocheted formal wear is in question , you have to admit that making a dress or a skirt is quite a handful . However long it might take , the result is stunning , not to mention original enough to wow any audience upon your arrival. Depending on the silhouette you can choose a looser fit or a more fitted design.

In my very own opinion opting for a deux pieces is both wise and versatile especially because you can wear the jacket and the skirt together or combine them separately with something else and wear them to several events without looking obsolete.

Considering this type of model, I have to say that I would opt for a longer skirt – maxi style - but then the flared, above the ankle, design is extremely trendy this summer.

You have to admit that the design, per se , is a timeless one and also that it is extremely cost wise because of the choice of yarn. The pictured model is made out of mercerized cotton size 0( lace) using a 2mm hook. This type of yarn skeins come with and exceptional long length.

The pattern is created for size 38-40 ( M ) European. For a larger size you can use a thicker cotton , acrylic, viscose or silk ( size 1 or 2) and a 2,5 mm hook.

Withouth further talk...let's discuss the chart.

1. Flower motifs can be joined extremely easily. 
2. The skirt can be worked with added volume or you can simply work the classic pattern in case you choose

I really hope you like this post:) I am especially fond of this design.

I am so glad when I discover things so lovely that I worth sharing with all of you and since blogging is my life I hope you take the time to share and like this content and also tell me your opinions.

xoxo to you all
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luni, 2 iunie 2014

Dream of Summer - Crochet Free Lacy Cardigan Explained Chart Pattern and Instructions

The summer vacation is most of the times related to dreaming of a nice resort . Out of  so many things you can take with you in such a place  a lacy summer cardigan is kind of mandatory to keep you warm during summer evenings and help you look elegant enough for any summer party.

Personally I am extremely fond of lacy structures made of individual elements and honestly I like pretty much anything made out of light and airy cotton. Since I am also fond of loose fitted designs that would complement a not exactly trimmed figure , I have to say that this particular cardi is one of my ultimate favorites.

While browsing for the right yarn to make it out of, I got an interesting idea and tried a few different yarns. Viscose and combinations of cotton and acrylic make this design ideal for spring and indian summer temperature , while mercerized cotton of a thicker consistence ( size 2 ) or the likes of Drops Cotton Light will make it ideal for late fall layering.

I plan to make it out of thinner yarn to keep the airy feel of the design.

The side and sleeve motif

As you can see in the chart, the sides of the design are made of joined floral motifs that add to the airy finish, while the back is a more compact structure of double crochet clusters.

Because it was requested several time here is the translation of the chart and some additional clarifications.

The cardigan is worked dolman sleeve style so no decrease is necessary. You work 2 x L shaped front sides like for a chimono design.
The back is worked in one peace in a T shape.
Make sure you measure the lenght in the top of the T to have an idea how much to work from the back.

1. Ch8, slst to close
2.ch3, 3dc in the same chain,ch5, 4dc, ch5...repeat ( 6 x 4dc clusters)...close with 1 dc in the first 3ch space.
3. ch7,1sc in the middle of 5chspace below, repeat ( 6 x 7ch clusters), close with 1 dc in the first group of 5ch.
4. Ch3 , 1picot, 3 x dc with 1 picot on top in the same ch space, 6x dc with 1picot on top , repeat ...close with 2xdc with 1picot in the first ch space.

As you can see there are two types of floral motifs in this blog post. This is because you can either choose the above for a lacy look or the below one for a more compact result.

Main pattern back :

Chain the required lenght ( measure half of the waistline circumference you desire)

1.  Ch3,1dc, ch6, 2dc tog,*2dctog ch6 2dctog*, repeat till the end of the row.

Repeat for as many rows as necessary.
When working the sleeves chain additional lenght on both sides of the resulted rectangle and work upwards in the same way.

The cardigan is surprisingly easy to make and the lacy trim with a picot finish make the entire cardi look even more elegant.

And a final confession....

I know that "mint" is an extremely trendy color for this season so I must confess this is my dream come true. :)

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