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Crochet Pattern for The Perfect Summer Formal Wear

I don’t know about you but for me summer is the time of the year when I have to attend to weddings , engagement parties, graduation parties, garden parties, kids anniversaries, church events….and so on.

If usually I am kind of an upbeat type of girl, considering a sporty chic and why not ….even a flower power type of wear , for these occasions I must admit that I consider wearing something more elegant and fairly lady like.

When crocheted formal wear is in question , you have to admit that making a dress or a skirt is quite a handful . However long it might take , the result is stunning , not to mention original enough to wow any audience upon your arrival. Depending on the silhouette you can choose a looser fit or a more fitted design.

In my very own opinion opting for a deux pieces is both wise and versatile especially because you can wear the jacket and the skirt together or combine them separately with something else and wear them to several events without looking obsolete.

Considering this type of model, I have to say that I would opt for a longer skirt – maxi style - but then the flared, above the ankle, design is extremely trendy this summer.

You have to admit that the design, per se , is a timeless one and also that it is extremely cost wise because of the choice of yarn. The pictured model is made out of mercerized cotton size 0( lace) using a 2mm hook. This type of yarn skeins come with and exceptional long length.

The pattern is created for size 38-40 ( M ) European. For a larger size you can use a thicker cotton , acrylic, viscose or silk ( size 1 or 2) and a 2,5 mm hook.

Withouth further talk...let's discuss the chart.

1. Flower motifs can be joined extremely easily. 
2. The skirt can be worked with added volume or you can simply work the classic pattern in case you choose

I really hope you like this post:) I am especially fond of this design.

I am so glad when I discover things so lovely that I worth sharing with all of you and since blogging is my life I hope you take the time to share and like this content and also tell me your opinions.

xoxo to you all
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  1. wunderschön!!!!!!!! liebe rüsse, mandy

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I can see the motif edging from this skirt applied to a denim skirt as well. Love this!

  3. Karen that is a very creative and lovely idea :) Congrats for it!

  4. I would love to make this but where is the pattern and instructions? I couldn't follow the above chart and don't understand the words.