duminică, 15 iunie 2014

Free Chart and Instructions for the Most Versatile Square Motif

I don’t know about you but I have a thing for crocheted elements…

With so much summery yarn lying around and with an acute need for  airy things to wear with a tank top and spaghetti straps…I found the ideal floral square motif you can combine into anything you want. When I say anything …I mean anything.

I am especially fond of the blouse option but as you can see on my Facebook page I found this particular motif used for vests, tops, dresses, tunics and even baby wear.

Since the major issue of this type of motifs is always the joining…I did my best to find a pic that would help me join the elements without cutting the yarn. Said and done ….I realized is not exactly hard and you simply have to pay attention to the sequence of the motifs.

However…if you can’t follow this style of joining, don’t give up on using the motif. Yes…there is some extra work but the result is totally worth it.

The main motif

Sequences of double crochet and chains.

How to join without cutting the yarn

Howto link the rows

A very clear and detailed chart for motif joining

I hope you like this post and dare to use this gorgeous motif into stunning pieces of clothing.

Have fun, I know I had  using it especially because after a few tries the joining without cutting the yarn was as easy as pie :).

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Also let me know your opinion and share your experience about working with this motif.

xoxo and have an amazing Sunday


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  1. This is beautiful. So glad I came across your page. I will certainly look again.