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Free Crochet Pattern for Classic Casual and Chic Summer Dress

When it comes to classic cut dresses, we are all dreaming of a particular design that will complement our figure even after a sleepless night and an extra pound gained because of a heart break. Out of so many designs out there that would fit a crochet summer dress this particular one is the most versatile.

It can easily fit into the 3 C’s  - Classic, Casual and Chic simply because the design is kind of timeless, the pattern is easily matched to it and the versatile cut makes it ideal for any type of color and why not...any type of yarn.
I recommend mercerized cotton and 2,5 mm hook .  

Another interesting thing about this dress is the length option which can pretty much vary depending on the shape and size of your ties. The design can easily be made in any color although in my opinion the neutrals are ideal for this design.

The picture dress is size 36-38 European. For  a larger size you can simply begin with a larger number of chains at the bottom according to your measurements. 

I am especially fond of the spider web style of crochet patterns. There is a certain something about them that make the lacy structure of a crocheted item even more lacier . As a plus in this case you have two pattern designs to choose from.

Since this dress is extremely popular and so many of you guys asked for a written pattern, here goes:
Yarn recommendation: cotton mercerized, medium to fine, cotton viscose mix, 2,5 mm hook.
The pattern from the dress is a classic one, spider style and it is important to keep in mind that the A-line shape is obtained using a basic decrease.
The dress is worked from bottom up in two identical sides.
Measure the required length.
Considering the flared effect of the bottom measure the bottom according to your measurements so you will obtain the loose finish.
1.       Chain the required length – multiples of 18
2.       Ch3, ch2 sk 2, 1dc ch2 sk2,1dc ch2 sk2 4dc,*ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc, ch2 sk2 1dc,ch2 sk2 4dc* …repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st , turn
3.       Ch5,1dc ch2 sk2,1dc ch2 sk2,* 4dc,ch5 sk2, 4dc,ch2 sk2,1dc,ch2 sk2,1dc,ch2 sk2*…repeat ** till the end of the row , sl st ,turn
4.       Ch5 sk2, *4dc ,ch4 sk4 1sc in the 5ch space below, ch4 sk4,4dc ch2 sk2* …repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st , turn
5.       Ch9 ,1 sc in the sc below, ch6,*4dc ,ch6 1sc in the sc below,ch6 4dc*…repeat till the end of the row, sl st, turn
6.       Ch5, 4dc, ch5 1sc in the 1sc below, ch5, 4dc,ch2,* 4dc ch5 1sc in the 1sc below, ch5, 4dc,ch2*…repeat ** till the end of the row, sl st, turn
7.       Ch5, *4dc,ch2, 4dc, ch2,1dc,ch2,1dc ch2*…repeat till the end of the row, sl st, turn

Repeat the same sequence rows : 2 to 7 and work until the underarm decrease.
The decrease is a basic square decrease . Just skip the number of required stitches on each side. Work the arm opening.
Same goes for the neck opening . Just skip the spokes from the middle of each section and work the sides upwards.
The lacy trim around the arm opening , neck opening and bottom is a basic ch5 and 10dc worked in the 5ch space. The pacing of this depends on the type of yarn you use .

This is about it. Since the dress is see through we recommend lining it with something sheer but breezy to keep the summery fill. Keep in mind that the lining with reduce the size by 2 cm.

I hope you will consider making this dress and if you like the design please feel free to share.

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  1. I love this dress and it doesn't surprise me because this spider lace motif is my absolute favorite -

  2. Gorgeous dress! Can you provide the actual pattern please?

  3. Hi! Can you give me some further instrucion about deacreses in this pattern? This will be my first crocheted garment so I don't know how to do them.. I will apreciate your help :)

  4. Is there a way to download this pattern? Love the dress.

  5. Hi Eveline! How much yarn did it take? And which yarn have you used for this one in the pictures? Trying to decide how much yarn to buy for this.

  6. Hi...

    Is there a written pattern for pattern #164, the pink one (photo above) ?

    I would like to make that one for a size medium. Is 36-38 a size medium? How many times do I multiply the chains for the 36-38 size? Can I please get it in written form?

    Thank you. Lotte.

  7. me gustaria todo en español, por favor.

  8. written pattern please.