duminică, 6 iulie 2014

Free Crochet Pattern for Stunning Karen Miller Dress

Please don't get me wrong but I had no idea how to call this amazing looking piece of summer fashion other than ....by it's very name a.k.a designer.

I am grateful to clubosinka.ru for the idea and pattern especially because my friend Tatiana Kurakova tagged me in the post she shared this dress in.

I discovered this particular pattern while looking for a god-mother dress fitting for the amazing ceremony of making a darling little boy a Christian.

However daring....my idea was not very good because the event took place last winter and even if I would have had time to make this wonder, the cold wouldn't have allow me to wear it.

Still, since I am a hoarder as crochet patterns, designs and ideas go...and also a true fashion addict and lifestyle blogger, I saved this particular dress for another festive time.
The idea is perfect for a summer garden wedding, a graduation party , a classy event of any kind but also a night out with a beloved significant other.

A looser design ( increase by one size) would easily fit a fuller figure but regardless your fear of wearing something this beautiful, the dress made to fit your particular size would complement any figure.

Yes...I agree ....it looks like a bit of a handful, but please dare and make one for yourself, your daughter, or even for a client.

The instructions are very specific. I would add only that you should notice how elegant is the lacy insert under the breasts and at the bottom of the skirt.

The shoulder decrease can be easily tailored to a specific size. Make sure to compare to an already made garment.

I hope you like this post and dare to make this awesome dress.
This is truly a project deserving to be tried at least once in a lifetime .

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