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Lacy Summer Boleros - Free Charts and Detailed Pattern Explained

Nothing beats the look of  lace structure during hot summer days. For those in love of something romantic and versatile to wear during this time of the year I put together 2 Chinese designs with charts , that are extremely beautiful, elegant and perfect for any type of figure.

The beauty of these patterns is that they can be made in any size especially because the number of elements can be increased or decreased according to your very own measurements.

Also as regular spokes like, dc, 2 dc tog, shells or other ones are concerned the design can be fitted to your size by increasing the number of chains. 

                                                     Star Crossed with red center

Delicate and extremely simple this design combines the motif design for sides with lacy structure for sleeves and back.

Chain the required length and match to your own measurements.

For sizes S and M maintain the number of elements as shown above. For L incease with a supplementary row of elements ( 4 elements , 4 elements, 2 elements ) . For XL repeat the same choice and also increase the side finish with 2 more rows ( 1 row or dc, 1 row dc ch1)

Elements :
1 x magic ring ,
row 1:  24 dc in the same ring
row2: ch3, work 1dc ch2(sk2) - 12 dc
row3: sl st to chain space, ch 3 work 1dc in the same space tog, ch 3, make of loop of 3 chains ( here you will link the motifs) ch 3, repeat with 2dc tog and chain sequence until you close the last row.

                                            LACE DREAM WITH PINK FLOWERS

You must admit that this one is amazingly cute. Delicate, elegant, the ideal top for summer spaghetti straps, but also ideal to top an evening wear if you work it out of silk.

How to link the flower pattern to the side? Very easily.

Measure the required chain length and work 3 or more rows. Link the base of the element in the center of the row and integrate in the next rows by linking to the rest of the petals. it's rather easy so dare and try.


1 x magic ring
r1: 16 hdc in the ring
r2: ch 6, work 1 dc every other hdc with ch3 in between.
r 3: work 4 dc in each chain space, petal on top of the dc from r2(chain 7 and work 2dc, 3 treble c,2dc on one side, turn and work the same on the other side)...and so on ( result 8 petals)

As in  the previous design, chain  the required length and work 2 dc, ch2 following the pattern above.

I really hope you like this post and take on the chance to make something this lovely for you and your dear ones.

I never quite understood why are the Chinese and Russian charts so scary...But this is me, the obsessive compulsive crochet addict eager to uncover, and discover everything beautiful enough to make at least once in a lifetime.

The bottom line remains...You should definitely try these. The post will be published on my Facebook page: Crochet patterns to try and also, the patterns will be posted on Pinterest.

Feel free to contact me for any additional explanations and instructions , I am always happy to help.

So , once again, please like and share this post so as many crochet fans as possible would take advantage of the design information.

xoxo and have an amazing week


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