duminică, 24 august 2014

Crochet Free Form Patchwork Inspired Free People Fall Pullover - Charts and Instructions

When it comes to free form crochet most crochet fans who take up on trying it are keen on combining yarns and shapes into lovely looking finishes.
However tempting , the multitude of colors might seem a bit too much for somebody with a taste for a more classic apparel.
I must admit I rarely follow a pattern  or a chart without making some kind  of modifications to it so the piece of clothing I make would have a certain hint of originality. Apart from this habit of mine I must say that anything boho chic , with a touch of free spirited look tempts me to try making it.
The above being said, with fall closing in and a closet filled with thicker yarn are tempting me to try making a functional pullover. So here is a pattern I am very fond of which will soon turn into a stunning fall project.
The crochet fans in love with patchwork concept will love the free form crochet air about this one, but those inclined to look for a designer look will surely appreciate the Free People inspired finish.

Back view

The beauty of this pullover is the fact that you can combine the motifs in any way you like. Of course you can use more or less than the ones from the inpiration model but make sure you go for a looser fit to get the chic finich.

Basic square with roud center

Flower doily motif

Irish lace flower

Airy shape Irish lace inspired ( back section)

compact circle

Clasic flower center motif ( front section)

Square variation

Round motif and integration inside the fillet structure

Flower motif ( front )

Compact sun motif ( back)

Classic square variation 

Classic square  variation 2

Spider webs

Lacy structures (sleeve bottom)

Fillet structure

How to decrease

classic fillet decrease sholder line

Classic fillet decrease side and V neck

Project in work :) To have an idea how to integrate the motifs .

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Also please feel free to ask for further instruction and dare to make a beauty like this to wear in colder days the are coming closer .
Have a beautiful fall and a lovely week to come.



marți, 5 august 2014

How to Read a Crochet Chart – Part 1 – Individual Motifs

As promised here is the first out of the many ( I hope) written tutorials on how to read crochet charts.

The beauty of charts, in my opinion , is the versatility and visual impact, written patterns don’t have.

I remember when I first started to be interested in reading them and how difficult they seemed at a first glance.

I can’t actually remember how I learned but I will always remember the satisfaction of making my very first baby hat based on a chart.

So since summer is here and summer tops are part of the easiest things a beginner can make based on a chart here is the first “ How to read a chart ?”

This individual motif is a square and it is part of a tank top design made of squares. The center is a flower motif followed by a structure of chains .

So let’s start reading:

For the individual motif charts, the reading starts from the very center :
In this particular design: chain 6 ( notice the circle made of 6 dots) close with a slip st.

Row 1.: Work inside the circle
Row 1 consists of 8 dc with 2 ch in between them. 
Chain 5, work 1 dc inside the circle,ch 2, 1dc, ch2 ...etc , sl st to join.

Row 2: the clusters
Row 2 consists of 8 clusters of 3dc with 5 chains in between
Sl st in the 2 chain space, ch3work 2 dc in the same space, join, ch 5 and so on...sl to close

Row 3
Row 3 consists of 8 groups of 7ch.
Sl st to get to the 3rd chain from the next goup of 5ch in row 2. Ch 7, 1sc to link into the first chain section from the next group of 5 , chain 7 and so on...until you close with sl st

Row 4
Row 4 consists of 4 goups of 3dc ch5 3dc ( shells) with 10 chains in between.
Sl st to get to the center of the next chain section. Ch 3 , work 2dc ch 5 3dc ( shell) , ch 5 link with sc in the next chain section, ch 5 , work 3dc ch5 3dc ( shell) in the following chain section...and so on. Sl st to join.

The arrows indicate where to join the motifs . 
When working the last row of each motif make sure you join as indicated.

Like in the most cases the pattern also comes with a display idea. However...depending on the thickness of the yarn,the size of the hook and your size the number of individual motifs may vary.

The smartest idea is to measure the first motif and calculate according to your own measurements.

Individual motifs are extremely easy to play with and combine , especially because they can be placed so they will fit a particular figure.

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This series of posts will continue with various charts explained so stay close.

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