joi, 11 septembrie 2014

Free Crochet Patterns for 3 Lovely Pullovers - Fall Special

With the risk of repeating myself I am a huge fan of tank tops . I like the idea of being able to combine them with anything I have in mind . Layering has been a huge part of the fashion trends these last years and layering a crocheted item over a tank top in one of my favorite style touches.

Apart from the fact that a lacy finish can always bring out the sexy nature of you, a crochet pullover with a looser fit and a lacy structure can add so much to your feminine look especially if you are a fan of jean, leggings, tight fitted bottoms and flats. The versatility of the crocheted structure is part of what every woman dreams of having at hand on a rainy day, on a cool fall morning or simply when she wants to look lovely.
Here is a collection of three pullovers perfect for the colder mornings of this fall , or for cozy evenings when next to your significant other you go for a walk to admire the beautiful fall foliage.

Cute and Simple Little Blouse

The ideal choice for a petite figure and perfect to overlay over a fitted tank top. Recommended yarn cotton and acrylic but also microfiber , yarn size anything from size 2 ( fitted and tight finish) size 3( for a looser structure) and size 4 for a bulkier finish.

Stunning but simple diva look.

Off sholder designs are ideal to be combined with tank tops or spaghetti straps. For a free spirited diva appearance you can choose to make this airy pullover . The loose fit and the functional design is the ideal choice for any type of acrylic or merino yarn.

Elegant details , versatile fit

The ideal fall pullover is surely one you can use in combination with any type of pants or skirts. Consider making this easy crochet wonder and wear it with anything you might have lying around your closet.

Recommended yarn: anything size 3 and a 3,5 mm hook.

I really hope you like this post and consider making at least one of these wonders if not all of them.
Apart from being extremely easy to pull off due to the combination of stitches and highly permisive design, these 3 pullovers are what I like to call timeless pieces you can always depend on.

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  2. The whole world does charts. It's not hard to learn!

    1. The whole world does NOT do charts; no need to be rude. I learned to crochet written patterns and graphs are an irritating mystery to me, especially when they're not in English.