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Crochet Pattern Explained for Little Princesses Fall -Winter Twin Set

Winter is drawing near and now more than ever  becomes extremely tempting to take up projects easy to make.

For the mothers out there who like me have a little wonder at home, working something cute but also functional is surely something to try these fall days.

When thinking about the Holydays and the beautiful snow you surely have in mind a little crochet dress or a cute crochet cardigan to make for you little princess.

I am extremely fond of kids'  designs especially because they are extremely motivating and rewarding for an impatient pair of hands but also a truly wonderful challenge for the beginners.

When it comes to being the proud mom of a beautiful girl, crocheting something for her may be a wonderful thing. In case you are the lucky grandmother , aunt or granny of such a little princess making something unique for her can be a wonderful idea.

In my case, I am all the above ( except for a grandmother J)))

So said and done…this post is about a wonderful design I am currently working on for 3 little wonders.

                          The Little Princess Fall-Winter Twin Set

This is the original model found inside a Japanese magazine. I am not a fan of black attire for little girls but in this particular case I find the design extremely elegant although in my opinion , this will look better in red or even blue marine.

The tamer version made of plain acrylic yarn ( size 2 or 3 with a 2, 5 crochet hook) combines two lovely colors that are the perfect choice for  a girl with blue eyes such as mine.

Lovely woven in detail at the round neckline( such a lovely finish obtained with 0 effort)

Pretty colorful buttons offer the design a girly finish .

In short a set to fall in love with and make over and over again.

Same cute finish for the little jumper dress pinafore

lovely bottom layer of flower squares

                                                              The cardigan back

Same pattern applies for the rest of the cardigan:

Chart translation in written pattern:

1. Chain the required lenght
2. Row1: ch3, 5dc in the next 5ch, ch1sk2,ch1 1dc, ch1,1dc (V stitch)ch1 sk2, 5dc in the next 5ch ...repeat until end of the row
3. Row 2 (reversed R1) : ch4 sk2, ch1 1dc, ch1,1dc (V stitch)ch1 sk2, 5dc (in the Vstitch below) ...repeat until the end of the row

The sleeve and cardigan front

The dress:

                                                  Dress pattern: ( work 2 twin sides)

                       Chest section:
R1: chain rquired length
R2: dc in each chain
R3: ch4 ,sk1, 1dc  ch1 1dc in the next ch( Vstitch), sk2,1dc  ch1 1dc in the next ch( Vstitch),sk2 ....continue until the end of the row
Repeat R1 and R2 until the required height .

At the bottom of the chest section increase every other stitch or every stitch depending on your desire for how full would the skirt need  be.

Work the same rows down until square border.

It's really up to you if you want to make the dress A line and increase gradually or make a fuller skirt .

I encourage from the heart to try and make this cute little set . It is both functional and versatile and extremely lovely for girls with ages between 1 and 10.

I hope you like this post and plan to stick around for more interesting ideas involving crochet wonders.

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xoxo and may you have a blessed week


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