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Crochet Stunning Fall Cape – FREE Crochet Chart EXPLAINED

For all of you offering the precious feedback J

When I stumble upon a pattern that I will like to try , I tend to obsess about it until I actually make it. Since I lack time, and by the principle, those that can’t do teach , I humbly took the challenge to explain this awesome cape , ideal for this time of the year. I planned to make one for my perfect little wonder of a girl to serve as a top for going to church but most likely I will be able to make it only in spring.

Regardless, if any of you is looking for a stunning cape for this fall to make for yourself or somebody you love – daughter, mother, sister, cousin – here is me explaining the pattern.

Start by chaining a circle as loose as you would like the cape to be round your hips. I am this specific because a cape is usually worn with a fitted pullover under and this is how you can fit the cape to your particular size. The chain line will in the end set just beneath your buttocks.

So…here you go:

You can use any size of yarn from size 4 ( thick) to bulky. Acrylic, merinos, alpaca , anything mélange or color block will be ideal for this cape.
Match the size of the yarn  with a corresponding hook. Ex: size 4 yarn, 4mm hook.

You will work up from the chain in clusters of trc and V stitch ( fan stile- 3trc ch1 3trc)  decreasing the  trc number as you go up.
Start by dividing the chain space in 4 ( 4 quarters). Each quarter will be defined with a V stich and in the space in between them you will work 1trc in each chain. Use chain markers.

Chart explanation:
1.       R1: ch 4, 1trc in each chain until the first marker, 3trc ch1 3trc ( V stich fan )continue with 1 trc until the next marker, 3trc ch1 3trc ( V stich fan ), …..continue until the ende of the row close with 3trc ch1 3trc ( V stich fan )and slst.

Repeat until the waist line.

Arm opening
To make the arm opening you will have to skip working  2trc in the middle of the trc section from the sides. Work separately the front and the back until above the elbow line ( it’s up to you how high) and in the next row link the sections making 2 chains and sl st .
Next work a regular row.


As you go upwards you can start decreasing 1 trc in every section until you reach the required width around the shoulder line . Ex: if you start with sections of 15 trc at the bottom you will have to decrease 2 thirds and finish with 5trc sections around the clavicle line. This is but an example  so please match the trc count to your particular size.

Bottom and cowl neck

This is one of my favorite patterns J
1.       3dc ch1 3dc ch1 ….until the end of the row, sl st
2.       Ch 3 , 1 sc( in the ch1 space below) and so on.
3.       3dc in the chain space, ch1….etc

The cowl is worked upwards  using the same pattern.
As an idea this can also be a sleeveless winter dress in case you make the arm opening at the shoulder line.

I really hope you like this post and you will take on the challenge to make this amazing fall cape.
This is one of the easiest patterns I had the chance to explain but also one of the most versatile . You also may notice that such a cape can have a tremendous visual impact when worn with fitted pants  or jeggings and a turtle neck.

Please share this post everywhere for the sake of all the crochet fans needing help.
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