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Free Crochet Charts and Explanation for Vintage Timeless Vest

When my creativity sparks blog wise I dare to say …I like to take on the challenge and shed some light into that kind of designs that will remain young, trendy and timeless throughout generations.

For example , such a design made for yourself will be something your granddaughter will want to wear. I find that these items are important to make especially they have a certain feel that makes them easy to integrate in trends. Also these items are able to be a focal point in any type of outfit.

I found this vest while browsing for shabby chic crochet items and since then I am pretty much obsessing about it.

It’s not that I don’t have the time to make it but rather that it is sooo utterly perfect that it is worth the try to be made as a mother daughter project so both me and my princess will ve able to wear something original.

So …since this is Japanese design, the charts are pretty much explaining themselves. This is why I will stick to offering a written pattern for the motif and main section.

The back of the vest. The triming is done using sc.

How to work back and sides. Joining of the main section and square section.

Detail of the sections joining.

Lacy bottom: Start from the corner of the squares and work dc as displayed.

Square motif:

  1. 1 magic ring
  2. 12sc in the ring ( close the ring)
  3. Ch4,1dc ch1
  4. Ch 3,3dc( in the chain space) ch3, 4dc in the next chain space…..( 12 x 4dc clusters)
  5. Ch1,1sc, ch 5, 1sc (in the next chain space)ch5,4dc ch5 4dc( in the next ch space), ch5…repeat until the end ( 4 corners)

The squares are linked in the last row. 

Explore the possibility of working continuously(I put several examples on my Facebook page)

The upper row of the squares section will link to the base chain of the main section.

Main section:

Chain according to your measurements –multiple of 15 ( make the base chain with a hook 1 number larger than the one you will work with)

1.Ch 6, 1 bubble st, sk 3ch, 8dc,sk 3ch,3x bubble st with ch2 in between, sk 3ch, 8dc…repeat …close with 1bubble st, ch2 , 1 Trc

2. Ch1,1sc,ch3, 8dc, ch3, 1sc, ch3, 8dc…..repeat…close with ch3,1sc
Repeat 1 and 2 and follow the decrease style on the charts.

For this design you can you any size 3 yarn and 3,5mm hook you want.

 I recommend cotton but alpaca and acrylic works fine.

Choose a neutral color but you can also make it red, purple or vivid green to add a splash color on top of a classic looking blouse or shirt.

really hope you like this post and I really hope you can give a hand on sharing this design all over the world.

In case you need other instructions, you can find me on Facebook, Google +  or Pinterest.
           Keep in mind I write these posts in mind with all of you, crochet fans that see the                    world as I do…and endless land of beauty.



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