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How to Crochet Your Own Designer Blouse or Party Dress?

If you follow by blog , you know by now that my blog posts are about making something truly unique to wear using the amazing crochet craft. 

I am the kind of crochet addict that would store stock piles of yarn.( I’m a huge fan of cotton)

I am also a daring kind of girl that set the ambitious target for herself : to look amazing in any kind of crocheted item. Since that is not a walk in the park and the road towards this goal is a tricky one, I also make for myself the kind of item designer create for all women to take advantage of.

So this being said here are some very useful tips on how to make yourself a designer inspired raglan blouse or dress, perfect for the upcoming winter Holydays.

The inspiration raglan blouse is made of squares.

1.      1. Center flower square
2      2. Mesh stitch square.
        3.  Lacy border around the neck line  

For the center flower square you can use any type of flower  square you have in mind .
In my particular case I would choose this particular design especially because it is easy to integrate both in the blouse and in the dress.


1.       Make a ring
2.       23 sc in the ring
3.       Ch 3, 23xdc
4.       Ch 1,1 sc ,ch5 sk 1, 1sc in the next loop, repeat…( 13 clusters of 5ch)…last cluster ch 2 1dc in the first sc from the row
5.       Ch 1, 1sc, ch3, 1 picot, ch2 , 1sc in the ch loop below( 3rd chain), repeat… close in the first sc.
6.       Sl stich on the first 3 chains, chain3 upwards and work 4dc in the picot below,ch3, 5dc in the next picot….repeat till the end of the row.
7.       Ch3 upwards, work 4dc tog ( cluster), ch 3. 1dc in the chain space below, 5dc tog (cluster), 3ch, 1dc in the chain space below…repeat
8.       Ch 1 ,1sc, ch5 , 1 sc in the chain space below…repeat
The round motif is done.
Now to make it into a square, start increase granny square style
1.       Chain 3, 2 dc, ch3, 3dc ( all in the 5chain below). Make this increase every 3 groups of “petals”
2.       Repeat the increase every next row to 5 dc, then 7, then 9. In between the corners of the squares continue with ch5 1sc groups.
3.       The last row . Make a complete row of dc with the corner increase.


      Then : the  mesh stich “square”
The sections filling the space between the flower squares or round flower motifs are made with mesh stich respectively ch5 , 1sc and in the next row the sc is made in the middle of the 5ch space below…sooo easy.

You can play with the motifs using the setting of a raglan poncho.

In case you opt for a dress, alternate 1 row of motifs and one row of mesh stitch .

 You can of course save the idea for a future mesh dress for the next summer …starting with the square motif and working a square raglan.

The lacy trim around the neckline.

The detail of a dress made using this style.

A design  perfect for any size.

Back view

Side view

A view from the back of the raglan blouse.

And the mesh summer dress , I was talking about.

As the bottom line of this post I suggest you use either mercerized cotton or a thin mohair yarn ( as in the loose dress design). The ideal hook is a 2.5 mm hook.

I admit this might seem quite challenging but trust me when I say it really isn't .
I posted several flower square designs on my Facebook page ( Thank you to all my 30k fans. xoxo to you all).
Also I shared several freestyle crochet models on my Google + page and also on Pinterest.

Please join me and  I will do my best to guide your steps towards making superb crochet masterpieces. Also ...please feel free to share this post wherever you like so as many people as possible would benefit from the free information.

xoxo and may you have an amazing December.


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