duminică, 28 decembrie 2014

How to Crochet a Stunning Evening Top in One Day - New Year's Eve 2015 Outfit Idea

I think you know me by now and I also think you get my passion for finding the items that would fit in my idea of functional crocheted fashionable things.

With the New Year so close and obviously the lack of cash to buy a designer dress , I found myself wondering about how fast can I crochet something dazzling enough but also festive enough for a New Year’s ,not exactly formal, party.

The party I am talking about is one held at one of my friend’s house and the outfit expected is not something  pretentious, black tie or formal but rather something trendy , sparkling and proper to be combined with a pair of leggings or printed pants.

So said and done I just found 2 pet projects that would fit perfectly in the picture.

My absolute favorite ( especially because I have the perfect glue on rhinestones to make it sparkle) is a top made of two identical squares. Complementary for my waist line ( which needs some extra work) this is the perfect fit for some  medium size ( size 3)cotton I have bought ages ago .

So said and done here is my description on how to make something festive and trendy but also very functional for your New Year’s  Eve party in one or less than ONE DAY.

The very interesting thing about this tip is that you can you regular yarn ( cotton or acrylic and cotton mix) . The open work edging will add a touch of sexy while the compact middle section will save you the trouble of looking for an underlining and prevent you from sweating while shining on the dance floor.

Chart tranlation:

1. Ch 12
2. Ch3, 2dc, ch 3, 3dc, ch3, 3dc ( basic granny square start)...slst in the last ch space
3.  Ch3( up) , 2dc ch3 3dc ( in the same chain space -increase), ch 3...repeat 3 times ( result 4 corners - increases)...sl st in the last ch
4. Ch3 (up) ,ch3, repeat increase 3dc ch3 3dc ( in the same chain space - corner 1), ch 3, 4dc in the chain space below...repeat ( with corner increase) ...end with 3dc and slst in the first ch 3( counts for 1 dc)
5.  From now on the things get simpler. keeping the corner increase - ch3 3dc ch3 3dc ch3 -you will work 1dc in each spoke created below( by the ch and dc) skiping the first and the last ch.

work until the lacy insertions

Lacy section:

Accorfing to your size measure the main square until you have only 5 regular rows to the underarm section.
Count the number of dc , divide in 2 . count 14 spokes from the middle section of each side, use stitch markers.

1. Work the regular pattern until the first stitch marker. Ch 7, 2dc (V stitch) ch3  2dc (Vstitch), ch7, 2dc (V stitch) ch3  2dc (Vstitch), ch7 ( reached the second stitch marker)...work the rest of the row with regular pattern.

Repeat the method for the next 2 rows. The last row in work 10ch instead of 7 and at every 5th chain work a front post dc  joining the chain sections.

This is about it. Follow the chart and adjust the chain sections accordingly. 
Also for a better result make a picot ( pointy triangle in the chart ) on the end row.

The 2 squares are joined at the shoulder and sides ( sexy finish due to the lacy side section)

Place glue on rhinestones ( or rhinestone buttons) diagonally  along the 4 corner increases on the front square to get a more festive finish.

That's about it...

Trust me it is a lot easier than it looks and you can make it in a day or two to have it ready for the best party of the year. Wear it with leather leggings, sparkling pants, a maxi multilayer organza skirt...the sky is the limit.

Make it in any color you want ( mine will be grape).
Also ...you can add other embelisments  like a ribbon broche or a statement hair jewel in a matching color.

I really hope you like this post and I also hope you will dare to take on this challenge and make this top.

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