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Crochet Diva Dress Designer Style – Free Pattern Description and Tips

When it comes to crocheting a dress, a lot of crochet passionates freak out in the front of matching the model to a particular size. There is also the challenge of making the dress longer, shorter, using a thicker or a thinner yarn…basically a whole lot of issues that almost makes one …give up on creating a beautiful crochet dress.

The above being said here are my ideas – based exclusively on a bunch of research, a plethora of video tutorials and most of all the experience of creating one on my own.

I posted a few days ago the collection of Giovanna Dias , unfortunately without any charts or patterns , because I could not find them.

This amazing red dress is mostly in the same style and you can make it in any length you want( I personally would go for floor length).

What I like about this design?

The fact that it is compact in the breast and hip areas solving the problem most of you have of sewing an underlining garment for a crocheted dress. This adds to the sexy ( not super revealing) finish of the dress.

The original in the pictures is made out of a combination of mercerized cotton and viscose and a 2 mm hook.

Now to the important part:

I will explain the patterns in the order they are used in the dress.

 Chart 1 ( Grafico1)

It is use for shoulder section, sleeve and the section under the knees.

  1. Chain according to the chest measurements ( work upwards)- multiple of 9
  2. Ch4 (up),1dc,ch1,sk3,1sc,*ch1,sk3,1dc,ch1,1dc,ch1,1dc* ( repeat **) …close with 1dc
  3. Ch3(up), *V stitch ( 1dc,ch1,1dc)in the sc below,ch2,1sc in the middle dc from the fan below* ( repeat **) …close with 1sc
Repeat 2 and 3 until the breast area.

Chart 2 ( Grafico 2)

( work down from the previous section) - can be worked in round
It is used for breast and hip areas

1.Ch3,2dc in the same ch space,sc in the 3rd chain space,ch2,2dc in the same space,repeat till the end of the row

2. Ch5, 1sc in the chain space below,2dc in the same loop created by the 2 ch space below,1sc in the next ch space( the 2ch below), ch2,2dc in the same loop created by the 2 ch space below…repeat…close with ch2 and 1dc

Repeat 1 and 2 for as long as you want to obtain the cover for your breast and hips .

Chart 3 ( Grafico 3)

The fillet section above the knee. Also work in round
1.    Ch5, *1dc,ch2 sk2*, repeat ** and finish with 1dc
2.    Ch3, 1dc in each loop
3.    Ch3, 3dc, ch2, 1dc,ch2,1dc, ch2,1dc,ch2, *4dc, ch2, 1dc,ch2,1dc, ch2,1dc,ch2*, repeat ** until the end of the row…end with 1dc

Repeating the same principle create the stair effect as shown in the chart by working every row since this the 4dc group so the last of the 4dc will be worked in the first dc from the 4dc group from the row below.

Work 3 more rows and close the section repeating 2.

Chart 4 ( Grafico 4)

Lacy chain section with fan insertions. Work in round.
1.    Ch4,sk 3, *1sc ch5 (sk3)1sc* repeat** till the end of the row
2.    Ch3 3dc(Half fan),ch5,*1sc in the middle of ch section below ( repeat 2 more times), 1x 7dc fan stitch in the next ch space*. Repeat ** till the end of the row.
3.    Repeat sequences 1 x 3 times, 2 x1 ans so on

Use again chart 1 as a separator between lacy sections from the bottom of the dress.

 The net section

The lace effect can be obtained working as many rows as necessary:

1.    Ch4,sk 3, *1sc ch5 (sk3)1sc* repeat** till the end of the row
In every next row the sc will we worked in the next chain space ( chart called ponto de arcos – arch stitch)

The Hemline Pattern (Barrado)

Work in round with the last row from the lace section as the base.
1.    Ch1, *5dc fan in the ch space,ch1 ,1sc ,ch1*,repeat ** until the end of the row…close with 1sc.
2.    Ch 6,*1sc in the 3rd dc from the fan stitch below,ch3,1dc in the sc below*… repeat** till the end of the row
3.    Ch4,sk 3, *1sc ch5 (sk3)1sc* repeat** till the end of the row
Repeat 1,2,3 and close with 1( making a picot stitch at every dc from the 5dc fan stitch)

And …you’re done J

It is really way easier than it looks and it is amazingly worth it to make such a wonder out of mercerized cotton or viscose and wear it to a summer wedding or any other formal event.

I love that you can make this shorter, or mix the patterns so the upper section will be compact enough for you to shape the dress in a less fitted manner        ( fuller figure ladies should wear such a wonder too).

Of course you can make this pattern into a stunning maxi skirt working only from the hip section down.

Be brave ladies, dare and try your hand at something like this.

I am working on full patterns, I hope I will have them done for you this July the latest. They will be published in my Etsy shop ( I promise they will be affordable) but free information will be published on this blog too.

I hope you like this post and I also hope you will join me on Facebook, Google + and Pinterest for so many more interesting ideas and amazing crochet designs.

Have and amazing weekend.