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Free Crochet Charts Explained - 2 Spring Jackets for Spring 2015 Fashion

It took me a while to decide on what topic to bog next especially since a lot of my Facebook fans asked for written patterns and easy methods to read the crochet charts.
In my opinion charts are easier to work with especially because they are in a way the math language of crochet world.
As you perhaps guessed by now the most prolific designers of crochet wearable are Asian, Russian and Spanish ( language wise). The English ( US) patterns are mostly created by yarn manufacturers and for the crochet passionate not living in US finding the right type of yarn to match the one in the English pattern is a bit difficult.
So here is the most important lesson of today:
Learn how to read charts and you will be able to make any model you want and fit is perfectly to your size.
Today’s blog post is about spring outfits. You know I am a great fan of functional pieces ideal for working moms , perfect for running around doing chores but also very beautiful and fun to wear.
With spring coming in a month or two ( depending where you live) you will surely need a few functional pieces to play with in your wardrobe.
Here are two jackets  perfect for  spring days, one sporty chic the other one more office ready both ideal for acrylic and cotton mix type of yarn , polyester and acrylic mix, or ever thicker mercerized cotton.

Both jackets are worked in one piece –front ,back, front – and the sleeve opening is worked by basic decrease.

Sporty chic spring fling

Measure around the hip line and chain multiples of 5+1

Chart : (read from bottom up)
  1.  Work 1 sc  in each chain space ( repeat 3 times = 4 rows)
  2.   Chain 4, 5dc tog (bobble stich),ch1, *1 dc, ch1, 5dc tog, ch1* repeat till the end of the row…finish with 1dc
  3.   Ch3,2dc in the same stitch ( fan stitch) ch 1, reapeat ( 1 fan stitch , ch 1 in each dc stitch below)

This is the basic motif. Repeat  1,2,3 until required length.

The arm opening decrease is simply done by skipping the number of fan stitches you need skipped according to your own measurements. Back and front sections from here up are worked separately and joined in the end using sl st.

All you need to do is make sure that you have the same number of stitches in the shoulder line both for the front and the back ( see the last row on the upper section of the chart : ex: 6 fan stitches on each side)

The sleeve is worked the same way. Simply follow the chart as shown above and work accourding to your own stitch count.

Spring Air Posh Elegance

Measure according to your size and chain multiples of 11 +1

  1. Work 1sc in each chain
  2.   Ch 4,sk3, 1dc,ch5,sk4,*1dc,ch1,1dc,ch1,1dc,ch1,1dc,ch5,sk4*…repeat till the end of the row
  3. Ch3, 5 x 2dctog ch1 ( in the 5chain space below),ch2,1sc in the ch space from the middle of “dc,ch1” section below-second ch space. Ch2 and repeat till the end of the row.

Repeat 1,2,3 until the arm opening.

The arm opening decrease is a triangular. Follow the chart and decrease according to your size.

The same kind of decrease is used at the sleeve too.

Keep in mind that once you learned how to read the basic motif everything becomes simpler and all you have to do is print the chart , pay attention and count.

These being said, I really hope I shed some light into how can you play with a crochet chart to match it to your needs.

My darling friends and readers, please follow my advice and give a chance to learning how to read crochet charts.

I hope you like this post and I also hope you will dare to try and make one of these of the upcoming spring.

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I hope you have an amazing February  and remember I am here and on social media in case you need help.



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