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Free Crochet Pattern for Stunning Summer Tunic - Famous Design Decrypted

Morning, darlings and welcome to a new blog posts long expected.

When I posted on our Facebook page this design, I never imagined somebody will ask for the written pattern. I don’t know about you but as far as crochet passion goes , this was one of my first obsessions 3 years ago when I start crocheting again.
By then I was a fuller figure new mom and this tunic was my dream summer garment especially because it seems very complementary silhouette wise but also sexy enough to make me feel …well like myself.

So …easier said than done , my first trials where quite challenging since I was not aware what kind of hook to use , and what kind of yarn to choose.

So here is what I learned:
1.       In order to get the flowing finish consider using a cotton viscose mix or two ply mercerized cotton.
2.       2-5 mm hook will get you the looser structure and the fluid finish you seek.
3.       Depending on your size the length of the base chain should be measured like this: measure around the hips and add 2 cm . The resulted measurement will be the needed length of the base chain. You must keep in mind that the tunic will stretch when washed so making it larger than I advise will result in a way too looser garment.

Main pattern: ( how to read the chart)

The tunic is worked: 1 front , 1 back, 2 sleeves. The arm opening is straight ( no underarm decrease) and the cleavage opening is worked by skipping stitches.
Measure the length before the cleavage ( chest bone- solar plexus)

1.       Chain the required length ( as explained above) – multiple of 17
2.       Ch3,2dc (together),*ch1(sk1),1dc,ch1 (sk1),1dc ,ch(sk1),5dc ( in the same stitch- fan stitch), ch1(sk1),1dc,ch1 (sk1),1dc ,ch(sk1), 5dc tog (inverted fan stitch)* …repeat * * until the end of the row.
3.       1 sc in each stitch
4.       1sc in each stitch.
Repeat 2, 3, 4 until you reach the required length.


Work the same pattern until you reach the solar plexus.
Shape the cleavage opening:
As shown in the chart skip a section between 2 fan stitches. Work the sides separately, decreasing 1 dc (from the fan stitch) every row  with this pattern until you have only 1 dc left. Work until the you reach the required length.
Join the sides leaving room for the arm opening.


Measure the arm circumference ( it’s up to you how large you want it to be)
Work 2 rectangles using the same pattern. Join the sides and attach to the arm opening.

The hood ( optional)

Work a rectangle ( measure the height of your head) using the neck opening as a base. When done join the top corners and the top side to get the hood.

That’s about it. It is really simpler that it look and the result is utterly stunning.

I saw this model worn on the beaches in Turkey, Egypt and Tenerife. I also have seen it in different colors so I can tell you that it looks amazing in yellow, cyan and taupe but also in electric pink if work by a latino or dark skin. The curious thing is I saw this tunic worn by teenagers but also 50 something beauties , slender, medium and fuller figure ladies…so I guess this design is one of the most versatile out there.

I hope you like this post and consider sharing it all over the web so as many tunics as possible would appear on the beaches ( and the streets) of the world this summer.

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I hope you have an amazing Sunday and see you soon. :)



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  1. Hi Eva, I recently saw that this Etsy seller has published row-by-row of these two tunics: https://www.etsy.com/listing/292754109/crochet-pattern-summer-cover-up-beach and https://www.etsy.com/listing/279245636/crochet-pattern-summer Prior to these two the seller had no own row-by-row instructions, only free charts from internet and vintage patterns: https://www.etsy.com/shop/carolrosa?ref=l2-shopheader-name&section_id=13529929 You can watch her shop and if there is some hint that she is reselling two of your free patterns (or maybe more in the future) you should contact her. Maybe there will be reviiews from her customers about your two tunics? KR, R