duminică, 26 aprilie 2015

Crochet Beach Tunic or Casual Dress - Free Crochet Pattern and Tips

Summer dresses or tunics are something all crochet addict make at least once a year. It is something about this season that makes us go for new exciting projects involving lacy airy patterns. 

Speaking for experience …almost every April , I get anxious to raid my cotton stash and make something to wear to the beach in August.

So said and done here is my choice of summer beach wear for 2015.

You guys know I am huge fan of motifs and also a huge fan of practical designs that can be crafted by beginners and experienced alike.

So this is why I chose this light , airy, and cute tunic dress. You will have fun making it and you will for sure plan on wearing it forever.

The yarn recommendation for this one is mercerized cotton and you should use a 2 mm hook.
Larger hook gets a loose structure, also a thicker yarn increases the size of the finished garment.

Important tips:
  1. Make one motif and measure length and height wise to get the idea how many you would need according to your measurements.
  2. Use the motif display chart as guidance. It really depends on your particular size and on how long you would like the tunic dress to be.

Motif pattern:

1.    Ch6
2.    Ch4,1dc ch2…repeat (8dc)
3.    Ch2 5dc ch2( in the 2ch space), 6dc ch2 ( in the next ch space)…repeat
4.    Ch3 5dctog ch6,1sc (in the 2 ch space below), ch6 6dctog ch6 (in the 2 ch space below)…repeat
5.    Ch9, 1sc (in the 6ch space),ch6 1sc (in the 6ch space) …repeat
6.    Slst until the center of the ch space, ch3 up 5dc ( in the ch space –first corner),  ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc , ch6 1sc, 6dc (in the ch space –second corner), ),  ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc , ch6 1sc, 6dc (in the ch space –third corner), ),  ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc, ch6 1sc , ch6 1sc, 6dc (in the ch space –forth corner)
7.    The 6th row principle repeat. You will see the the number of “ch6 1dc” increases with one in every row. There are 2 more repetitions
8.     Last row : Same repetition as in row 6 . In the corners make a ch5 loop in the middle of the 6dc .
Motifs are joined in the last row .

            The bottom and the sleeve trim is worked with basic 3dc ch2 ( granny square stitch).

Finish with a lacy trim : Ch 3 ,1dc in the same ch, link with 1sc in the 3rd ch from the hook, repeat...

Keep in mind that this is a very versatile pattern that can be fitted to any size provided you measure correctly.

Have fun making it and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + for more interesting crochet ideeas.

I hope you guys like this post and enjoy making this item, I know I will.

have a fun Sunday and don't forget to smile