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Crochet Versatile Square – 3 Stunning Vanessa Montoro Patterns Explained

If you guys are huge fans of Vanessa Montoro designs as I am, this is one blog post you will fall in love with.
First and foremost here is my very personal opinion about her crochet designs. I like them because they are compact, feminine, sexy, figure flattering ( regardless the figure) and most importantly timeless.
These being said I thought since we are quite obsessed with these designs to explain and write a pattern for the most versatile type of crochet square she uses in so many of her designs.
As you will see , with this square and the very popular shell stitch she managed to create spectacular but simple designs.

Recommended yarn:
-she uses 100% vegetal silk
We recommend, silk, viscose, cotton viscose combination or my personal favorite microfiber acrylic silk effect ( Alize Diva)

So here goes the square pattern:

1.      Ch 6
2.      Ch3,ch2, 1dc ch2 ,1dc ch2, 1dc ch2, 1dc ch2, 1dc,ch2 sl st, turn
3.      Slst in the first ch space,ch3 2dc ch1 (in the ch2 space), *3dc in the next ch space ch1* …repeat till the end of the row,sl st , turn
4.      Slst in the first spokes, work 3dc ch3 3dc in the first ch space (increase) ch 5,1sc in the next chspace, ch5,repeat the increase and ch5 sequence, sl st and turn ( you have 4 corners)
Keep in mind you always slst in the first 3 spokes ans ch 3 up as the first dc from the first corner . Work work 3dc ch3 3dc ( increase ) and continue with ch5 clusters ( basic mesh) stitch increasing with 1 every row ( 1 more ch5 between the corners in every row).
In total you will have 10 rows until the square is complete as shown in chart.

Keep in mind that Vanessa Montoro uses this a bit differently :
1.     ch6,
2.     16dc,
3.     Ch3,2dc,ch2,3dc,ch3sk1,1sc in the next st,ch3 and repeat the increase
Same principle as the basic square . The resulted square will have 5 rows or increase and mesh stitch.  
Squares are linked in the last row respectively in the corners.
Simple enough isn’t it.

Vanessa Montoro Crochet Top with Square
As you can see the simplest principle is applied here
You have to make 1 square and measure it. The front and the back are exactly the same.
You need 4 squares for the front and 4 for the back.
The rest of the body is made with  the basic shell stitch

 Make a total of 8 squares. Join them in 2 squares ( 1 for front , 1 for back) . Measure one big square and multiply by 2.
 Measure around the breast line and subtract the above measurement. You will get the length of the shell stitch section. Divide by 2.

Starting from one side of one of big squares work shell stitch rows linking to the  other square. I think you got the idea.
When done work a few rows circular on “top” of the squares and shape the straps working up.
Also  for the bottom part work down using the same shell stitch.

 Vanessa Montoro crochet  poncho with square.
Make as many squares as you need according to your measurement. The neck opening  in made working only 2 halves of squares in the neck area for the front section ( the middle of the front). Join the two sides and add fringes.

The Vanessa Montoro crochet pants with square

 You might think the pants are trickier and you would be wrong.

 Crochet 1 square to have as measurement. Depending on the yarn used and our size you will need 4 or 5 squares around your hips.

The upper section is worked like with any other pants . See the previous blog on the topic.

Chain accordingly and work rows of shell stitches until the length reaches the space  between your legs. Chain  and work in round each leg until you have shorts.

Start working the squares and add them gradually.

The bottom border is also made with shell stitch.

This is it, girl. It is really a lot simple than it looks and I am sure you can make any of these if you put your skills at work.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. Please share it all over the world and have fun making these.
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